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Free website, free training, free money making tips/tools, marketing tools and everything else needed to start building your very own profitable website.

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What Is Wealthy Affiliate?


So what exactly is Wealthy Affiliate? Well, that’s actually a tough question answer shortly because it’s a lot of things.

In short, it’s an all-in-one online affiliate marketing platform.

Now I understand this might not tell you too much, so let me explain.

The main selling point of Wealthy Affiliate is the training. They teach you how to create a successful online business

This is accomplished through simple step-by-step training anyone with two brain cells can follow. I’ll talk more about the content of the training later on.

If you are completely new to only business and affiliate marketing, you might not know what a typical online business requires to operate.

The business model they teach at Wealthy Affiliate is based on Search Engine Optimized (SEO) affiliate marketing.

In this business model, you will typically need a website, where you create content around a specific niche (a topic/category) of your choosing.

When you create enough content and optimize that content for search engines, you will start to rank in Google’s search engine results page (SERP) when people look for information in your niche.

To make sure you rank in the search engines, you will create the content around certain keywords, which are essentially phrases.

This could be something like “Wealthy Affiliate review”. When people search for that phrase, your content would come up. Get it?

To find these keywords you will need a keyword research tool that shows how many searches different phrases get and how tough the competition is.

Now to get those keywords to rank, you need to create content around that. So you essentially need to build a website.

You then need to find an affiliate business, whose products you can recommend to your visitor looking for the visitors.

In our example “Wealthy Affiliate review” you could recommend Wealthy Affiliate through their affiliate program or a competitor’s product. Up to you really.

If a visitor on your site would click a link and make a purchase, you would earn a commission. Simple isn’t it?

Companies are willing to share their revenue with you because they know this is a very powerful way to increase their sales.

Especially digital products like different online services and software can offer huge affiliate commissions, up to 70%.

It’s so profitable to the business that they are willing to give away the lions share of their revenue because they know the affiliates will increase their sales so much, creating a win-win situation.

So to summarize all that, you will need a way to run a website or websites, a keyword research tool, a way to create content, an affiliate program guide, and training on how to make this all into a functional, income-producing system.

Wealthy Affiliate accomplishes all that. It includes the following things.

A website hosting service for 10 sites in the premium subscription

Jaaxy lite keyword research tool with unlimited monthly searches

Complete WordPress integration, making creating websites ridiculously easy

An affiliate program database

Two complete step-by-step training to creating a successful online business

Additionally, Wealthy Affiliate includes a very active and helpful community that can be a great source of motivation when you feel lost or stuck.

They also offer a top-notch help center I’ll talk more about later on.

The People Behind WA:

Before I forget, I would like to talk a couple of words about the people behind Wealthy Affiliate. Kyle and Carson.

Wealthy Affiliate was created by Kyle and Carson back in 2005 and the company has grown to an almost person, multi-million dollar company since then.

Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership | | Affiliate Marketing ...

Their goal has been since the beginning to earn the trust of their users as the whole online marketing and make money online niche is full of dishonest people and scams.

Since the inception of the company, there have been over 2 million people as members of Wealthy Affiliate so they definitely have some experience in coaching people.

Kyle is pretty much the “face” of Wealthy Affiliate as he is the one handling customer contacts and presents all the pieces of training.

You can actually spot Kyle almost daily in the community either in the chat or answering questions, so it’s great to know they are not just distant owners of the business even though it’s very successful at this point and I have no doubt both are very wealthy.

Carson focuses more on the technical side of WA and he leads the technical team that makes all the magic happen under the hood.

I’ve actually had Carson personally answer to a support ticket about server issues so it’s great to see both of the founds are still very much involved with the business.

This goes to show that they have respected their initial goal of creating trust with their customers and I have no doubt they will keep working very had far into the future.

For some reason, I feel it’s very unlikely they would sell the company to the highest bidder or stop interacting with their customers.

It’s like WA is their baby and both seem very stand up guys that honestly want to help people out.

What To Expect From Wealthy Affiliate. So now that we know what Wealthy Affiliate is about, what should you expect from the service?

When you first join Wealthy Affiliate, it becomes apparent it’s a community and a social platform.

They encourage you to introduce yourself and to participate in discussions. This helps you network and to get help more easily.

From the training, you can expect to learn at least the basics of modern SEO, affiliate marketing, content creation, keyword research, social media marketing etc.

The courses are laid out in a very easy to follow step-by-step order.

Wealthy Affiliate is free to start so you can take a look around without even needing to whip out your credit card.

The free subscription even allows you to create two free sites on a something called SiteRubix domain.

You might feel a bit at a loss when you get started but it’s really easy to get the hang of it.
I think it’s imperative that you focus on the training, in the beginning, so your first month or two in Wealthy Affiliate will involve a lot of writing.

Writing is the name of the game after all with SEO. You will create your website pretty much straight away in the training and then it’s time to start creating content.

The more content you can create the better.

So expect to learn a lot of new skills fast (they’ve made it easy), lots of writing and networking with new people from your first couple of months at WA.

What’s The Big Deal About Online Business? If you are completely new to this stuff you might be wondering why exactly you would want to create an online business. Running a business is hard work after all, isn’t it.

I thought I’d say a couple of words why SEO based online business is superior to “regular” business so you get a better understanding of what all the fuzz is about.

I assume you understand the basics of regular business. You provide a product or a service and sell it in exchange for money.

If you are in the business of selling physical products you need complicated and expensive processes including manufacturing/buying inventory, logistics, stock/inventory, premises, marketing, personnel, selling, shipping, etc. etc.

Even if you are just selling a service you still usually need some form of premises, marketing, handling customers and above all doing work in exchange for money.

The holy grail of online business is what’s called passive income or residual income.

The idea is that you provide a solution to a problem people are looking to solve:

Does somebody need a need electric toothbrush? Great, present the best one for them

You then create an automated process that allows people to find your solution i.e. your website. Then you get an affiliate program for that product.

When people search for the solution, they will find your information. The idea is that you do the work once, and they can find the solution for years to come.

Let’s say you create a post about that toothbrush and it ends up making you $100 on automation every single month (in reality it fluctuates).

A single post wouldn’t be enough to make a living. But the page is there making money on automation.

What if you had 10 of those posts? or a hundred? or two hundred?

At this point, you should be realizing where I’m going at. We are talking about exponential automated “passive” income.

In this business model, the revenue is very small in the beginning but it starts to add up over time.

And now comes the best part.

Mikael Levén on Twitter: ""Work Smarter - Not Harder ...

Since this is all made online, the only things you need to work are a computer and an internet connection.

The so-called “laptop lifestyle”, that allows you to work from anywhere in the world and to decide when you want to work.

That’s what all the fuzz is about.

Just think about it. If you had 200 posts creating $100 (don’t expect every post to create $100 btw) on automation every single month.

That would be $20.000 on automation every month. And you could work on your business anywhere in the world or while traveling.

Now creating $20.000 takes a lot of work and time or dumb luck, but something more realistic like $2000 is much more achievable in a year or two. 

Make no mistake, there are people who have made the $20.000/month after their first year, but they are the exception. Or more like a unicorn. And they’ve probably mastered paid traffic as well.

Additionally, compared to a regular business there are next to no expenses. You only need to pay for a hosting service, annual domain registration fees and maybe some additional services to make your business easier to run.

We’re talking less than $1000/year here. A lot less. About $300 actually.

Now compare that to regular business. What kind of business can you run with so small expenses?! Absolutely nothing, not even close.

I bet you can see why this type of online business is something to strive for. It allows financial freedom so you can free up time to pursue additional business opportunities or to do whatever you want to do with your time!

The good news is that it’s totally achievable in 2020 and WA is one of the best places to learn how to do it.

Now that we understand what we are aiming to achieve here, let’s look at the different components of Wealthy Affiliate more closely.

Before we get on with the training, I want to mention the community because it’s such an integral part of the WA experience.

Some call it a community, some call it a family. I’ve seen some people call it a cult. I guess they didn’t really enjoy their stay.

Now I’m not a super positive person, I’m realistic, but I have to say that the positivity and enthusiasm at WA are infectious.

I love the way people interact with each other and talk about business and everyday life.
I think Wealthy Affiliate is special because there are people from all over the world from all backgrounds and ages sharing the same goal. Achieving financial freedom through online business.

The fact that so many people share this same goal gives you a good perspective on the way most people see the working life these days. It draining, simply put.
I’ve met so many interesting people in WA that I truly think the community alone is worth the premium subscription.

But I’m not going to try and convince you, it’s something you have to experience yourself and decide if you like it.

I think one of the reasons why the community works so well is the social system they have built on the platform at Wealthy Affiliate.
Let’s look at how it works

Every user in Wealthy Affiliate has a profile. It’s just like your profile on social media or anywhere else really.

You can include a picture of yourself and a short bio. I love reading about people’s backgrounds from their profiles. It’s kind of addictive really. I guess I’m weird that way.
Under the profile you will find also the users Goals if they have stated them.
There’s a board or a wall where you can leave messages or you can send a private message to a user through the profile page.

You will also find their networks, i.e. the people they are following and the people that are following them.

It’s also possible to blog within the WA platform, you can find the blog posts of a user under their profile.


Being active within the community is rewarded by an increase in Rank. Or actually, it’s a reduction because a lower number is better.

Your rank will improve by answering questions, communicating with people, completing pieces of training, creating trainings, blogging or through any activity really.

The rank doesn’t really bring any additional privileges or benefits other than social respect within the community.

If you get into the top 20 or so, you will have the possibility of earning the badge of an Ambassador.

From what I can tell it doesn’t really offer any benefit either but Kyle has stated they do have a budget set aside for Ambassadors.

So it seems the ambassadors do get some secret bonuses from the creators of the platform, Kyle and Carson.

I guess I’ll have to become one so I can share with you how it’s like!

6 Lessons to Learn From the World's Most Popular Blogs


Like we established already, it’s possible to blog within the community. Why would you do this you ask?

I personally do it to increase my rank (which I really don’t think you should focus in the beginning) and to get some discussion going in the community.

I also do it to document my progress and to “pay forward” my experience.

One great thing about the internal blog posts is that they can pretty easily rank in search engines.

If someone finds your WA blog post through Google, reads it, takes a look around, and decides to join, you will earn a commission.

That said, I haven’t had this happen to myself so I’m not really sure how common this is. Maybe my blog posts are too boring. I don’t really do keyword research for them so it really isn’t a wonder.

I save the keyword research for my main websites and keep the blog at WA as more of a creative outlet. I write what’s on my mind that I’d like to share with the community. 

Corporate in-house training


One of the social components I really like about Wealthy Affiliate is the community-driven training.

Anyone with a premium subscription can create trainings in Wealthy Affiliate.

There are literally thousands of user-created pieces of training that range from setting up WordPress to SEO to transferring sites, creating logos, etc.

This makes the training side of Wealthy Affiliate a lot more diverse than it seems at first glance.

You can find almost anything concerning online business there. Some older but most very current.

You can find training on PPC campaigns, email marketing, different business strategies, lead generation, CPA offers, SEO.

I think the “In House” training is just the tip of the iceberg at WA, the real magic is the community training.

Talking about the In House training, let’s look at it next with more detail.

The TrainingThe training is the main selling point and reason why people initially decide to become members of Wealthy Affiliate. They want to learn how to create an online business.
The funny thing is that many people actually fail to complete the training even if they pay for a premium subscription.

I want you to make a promise to me: Don’t be that person! Decide right now that if you are going to get on board, do not give up without finishing the training!

The training isn’t usually the reason people stay in WA. They stay for the tools and the community.

There simply isn’t a better bang for your buck and for the convenience of having all your tools under one roof.

I don’t know about you but I get confused easily and lose focus if I have to jump between several services. WA allows you to stay focused.

Online Entrepreneur CertificateThe first training I’ll introduce is the Online Entrepreneur Certificate. It’s training that teaches how to create a successful online business in almost any niche.

This training contains “the basics” of the business model they teach at WA and I highly recommend you start with it.

It’s easier to understand the whole process and the additional training if you know the basic process by heart.

This training is also the place to get started if you have a hobby or a passion you are looking to turn into a profitable business.

The training consists of 5 levels with 10 lessons each. Each of the lessons is additionally split into daily tasks.

Most lessons consist of a video tutorial with additional information in writing.

The daily tasks vary in length but generally speaking you can complete the tasks in a couple of hours.

The tasks include things like setting up your site, setting up plugins, setting up affiliate programs, and of course creating content for your website.

Content creation is typically the most time-consuming part and it depends a lot on your skills and experience how long it takes.

Don’t worry if you are not a professional writer, I’m not either. It becomes easier over time. I’m not even writing in my native language.

All in all I think the lessons are laid out very well and after a couple of weeks you will realize you’ve accomplished a lot just by completing all the tasks.

Getting started with bizpay

Level 1: Getting Started

The Level 1 training is called getting started and it explains the basic process behind the business model.

They explain the basics of SEO, affiliate marketing, affiliate links, creating a website with WordPress, etc.

You also get to choose your niche and to create your first website.

Level 1 training is included in the free membership, so feel free to try it out right away.
All the advanced levels require you to become a premium member but I’m going to give you shot peek into what you can find in the trainings.

How Long Does it Take to Build a Website That Looks Great & Works?

Level 2: Building A Website

The Level 2 training focuses more on your website and getting traffic to it.

It involves things like branding, keyword research, setting up emails, traffic sources and making use of visuals.

This classroom also teaches you more about how to leverage the Wealthy Affiliate platform and how to network within the community.

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Level 3: Making Money

The Level 3 training focuses on the most interesting part: Making money!

The lessons involve a lot of information about affiliate programs, where you can find them, how to use them etc.

They also introduce how to use affiliate links, create product reviews and how to get paid for showing ads on your site.

One of the key points in this lesson is that you should strive to help people and the money will come.

If you just create content for the sake of making money, you will not convert your visitors to sales very well.

How To Boost Social Engagement Using Video | The Blog

Level 4: Mastering Social Engagement

Level 4 training is all about leveraging social media to improve your branding and to get additional traffic.

They also teach you how important getting conversations going on your site from your visitors’ comments is for SEO.

To be honest, in my opinion, they only scratch the surface of social marketing, but I think this is a good thing.

Actually the last lesson of level 4 is about “You cannot be a master of everything” i.e. you should focus on mastering one strategy at a time.

Social presence can help your SEO and get you some traffic but you should focus on mastering the SEO side first.

Why Content Writing is Important in Digital Marketing?

Level 5: Success through Content Creation

The final level of this training is about content creation. It goes deeper into the whole process of creating content and how to write it so that it engages your readers.

After all, your content is what ranks in Google and it’s people that read it. It’s no use to create that content if people don’t want to read it.

The ‘copy’ you write is the most important part of converting your traffic into sales as well.
In this lesson, you will learn the tools to keep creating content for months and years to come.

You will need a process to create a lot of content over time. This is where long term success lies.

The final lesson in this level sets you up with that plan.

To summarize, the Online Entrepreneur Certificate teaches you all the information you need to start an SEO based affiliate marketing business and sets you up with the skills to keep growing your business for years to come.

I still encourage you to always keep learning. Finish the training, but keep learning new methods and apply them as you go and you will see additional success over time.

Let’s look at the Affiliate Bootcamp next!

The Affiliate Bootcamp from Wealthy Affiliate - SEO Sorcerer

Affiliate Bootcamp

This training focuses more on becoming an affiliate for Wealthy Affiliate.
You see, Wealthy Affiliate not only teaches affiliate marketing, but they also teach affiliate marketing.

Their affiliate program is also fairly profitable so it’s no wonder many successful marketers are marketing it.

Some people think WA is pyramid scheme because some of the affiliates only market Wealthy Affiliate and sell the program to their customers with that in mind.

This creates a system where they are encouraging people to get a program that teaches how to make money online and to just pass on that same information while making a commission.

But I can assure you, Wealthy Affiliate is not a pyramid scheme.
I’ll talk more about that later on but at this point you need to know that they don’t even recommend you to become their affiliate in the beginning.

They recommend you create a successful business through the Online Entrepreneur Certificate.

I know this stuff works because I have created a successful money-making website in another niche, like have thousands of others.

I just wanted to share this with you transparently so you know that I’m not just preaching how to make money online without any real experience and I don’t recommend you do either.

The Affiliate Bootcamp is split into 7 phases instead of levels like in the previous training. They mean the same thing so I don’t really know why they used a different word.

Just like in the Online Entrepreneur training, the Phases have 10 lessons each with several tasks each.

Let’s look at what the phases consist of.


Phase 1: Getting Your Business Rolling

The first phase in this training is also accessible through free membership, so I encourage you to check it out as well.

The first phase teaches you how to build your website and how the Wealthy Affiliate affiliate program works.

They also teach you the initial framework of content that has been found to be effective with marketing WA as well as a template for product reviews you can use to leverage to market WA.

So just like in the previous training, this part is about getting started and doing all the groundwork that you build your business upon.

Keyword Level Conversion Tracking | CallTrackingMetrics

Phase 2: Content, Keywords & Conversions

This Phase is about content creation, keyword research and converting traffic into sales.

It focuses a lot on the fact that you will be writing to people and need to provide value and offer a solution to a problem to make money.

You also need to target your content around lucrative keywords or otherwise no one will see. The website and content has to also be user-friendly or no one will stay two seconds on your site.

In essence, this phase is about the user experience of your site.

The Social Value Act and Business | Blog | Trading For Good

Phase 3: Giving Your Sites Social Value

This phase focuses on creating social media presence and branding like the name suggests.

The main idea is that you need to make your content socially sharable. Good content always has the possibility of going viral after all.

Additionally this phase shows how to set up Google Analytics to see how your traffic is performing. It also focuses on additional content creation.

Branding For Small Businesses Made Simple

Phase 4: Branding

This Phase is about the importance of appearances. In the online world your website design, layout, user experience, logos and pictures all matter.

Make them professional and you increase your conversions.

So In this phase you will learn more about web design, using images, leveraging videos, creating logos, and just about anything for creating a good user experience and a solid brand.

5 Hidden Mistakes Preventing You From Being Wealthy

Phase 5: Getting Conversions

This phase actually covers a lot of topics but the focus is on improving conversions. Conversions mean the amount of sale you get out of your traffic so this stuff is important.

So in this phase you will learn additional information about writing good content that engages people, getting comments on your site, using video to increase conversions, helping people, and creating a 6-week plan for moving forward.

Since the main goal is to get an income online, this stuff is really important. It’s no use to have thousands of visitors every month if you are not making any sales.

So don’t treat this information lightly.

Bing Yahoo and the power of PPC. Training at wealthy affiliate ...

Phase 6: Bing, Yahoo & The Power Of PPC

So this part is about the power of Particle Projector Cannons over contemporary weapons on the battlefield. No, wait… I’ve been playing too much Mechwarrior 5.

This part is about Pay Per Click advertising. One of the great things about PPC is that you can start producing income without organic traffic.

New sites take several months to start ranking in Google even if you make everything perfect. That’s just the way it is these days and you have to accepts it.

PPC allows you to make income before you start receiving organic traffic because you are buying the traffic.

PPC doesn’t come without risks though. You need to make more revenue than what you pay for the ads to make a profit.

In this phase you will learn how to use Bing & Yahoo for some super cheap yet effective PPC campaigns.

What Is PPC Affiliate Marketing? Does It Really Work? | Affiliate Tips

Phase 7: Scaling PPC

In this final phase, you learn how to take your PPC campaigns to another level. PPC can be used to increase your sales exponentially, IF you know what you are doing.

To effectively scale your PPC campaigns you need to understand the process pretty well. This phase will help you achieve that goal.

The information on the PPC campaigns alone is something people are asking thousands of dollars for, so this goes to show how much value you get for the money at WA.

That’s it for the training. If you have any questions about the, feel free to contact me through the comments section below. I can’t go too deep into them without giving out too much information so you will have to become a premium member if you want the full information.

Next I want to introduce some of the state-of-the-art technology they have under the hood at Wealthy Affiliate.

Having a video training is nothing groundbreaking in 2020 but Wealthy Affiliate is so much more.

There is actually a lot of exciting and advanced technology in the services they provide under the same platform.

And don’t forget the platform itself integrates the training, social interaction, messaging, content creation, keyword research and website hosting seamlessly.

Just imagine if you had a different service for each of those. That would be a nightmare. It would be like watching training in YouTube, asking questions in a Facebook group, creating content at WordPress, using a third-party keyword research tool and website hosting.

You’d need an account for all of them. I just appreciate ease of use and clarity so much that I’d be willing to bay a hefty premium just have everything under the same roof.

But you actually save money with Wealthy Affiliate! The training is cheaper than anywhere and all the tools are included. Can’t really ask for more than that, can you?

jaxxy – Best Lifetime Revenue

The Jaaxy

First piece of technology I want to introduce is Jaaxy. Jaaxy is a keyword research tool that is the secret weapon for finding lucrative, low competition keywords.

Keyword research is where content creation begins and if you get it wrong, all the effort you put in, later on, can be in vain.

The lite version of the Jaaxy is included in your premium subscription at WA. It allows an endless amount of keyword searches but has some limited features compared to the pro and enterprise version.

The lite version is a bit slower and you have to manually check the QSR (competition) for each keyword.

I don’t find this slows the process that much so I haven’t found the need to upgrade to pro yet. The Pro version is a bit faster and shows the QSR information right away.

But anyways, Jaaxy is a state of the art keyword research tool. You have to remember every keyword research tool is a bit different and they are always based partly on guesses.

Only Google has the complete data for the real search terms but I’ve found the data Jaaxy presents is fairly accurate.

Many people get keyword research a bit wrong in the beginning. It’s more important to find phrases or topics to aim for instead of exact keywords.

For example grammatically incorrect keywords or phrases can show falsely low competition.
You have to remember that Google is pretty smart these days. It shows you the result with the correct spelling even if you misspell the search.

The great thing about Jaaxy is that it always shows similar keywords (phrases) so you can compare grammatically incorrect and correct phrases.

Jaaxy also allows you to save keyword lists which is a feature I use a lot. Sometimes you find a ton of good keywords so it’s good that you can save them easily.

Jaaxy also Includes an alphabet soup tool for brainstorming new keyword ideas and offers related searches for ideas. This makes keyword research a lot easier, especially when you are not feeling imaginative.

SiteContent - Great Content Starts With a Powerful Writing Platform!

Site Content

One of the technological tools is called SiteContent. It’s a content creation tool that is fully integrated with WordPress.

While it’s in no way revolutionary as you can do most of the same functions with the basic WordPress editor I find it very useful.

The most useful feature is the ability to save custom templates for different types of posts. They also include templates for about me pages, privacy policies, and content-rich blog posts so it’s easy to just start writing.

Another feature I really like is that they have connected the SiteContent platform to several different Stock photo services.

If you are not familiar with what stock photos are, let me explain.

Every picture on the internet is owned by someone, you can’t use them without permission.
Except for stock photos. They are royalty-free pictures that you can share anywhere without separate permission or giving credit to the owner (which is still good etiquette).

Photos make your content more enjoyable read so it’s great they’ve added this feature. Looking for photos is annoying and time-consuming.

The database contains over 1 million stock photos so you’ll find pretty much anything you can imagine there.

One of my personal favorite features is the word count. It shows how many words you have written in SiteContent and how that compares to other users in Wealthy Affiliate.

Now as much as I would like to believe I’ve written more than 100% of the users in WA this month, I think the gauge is a bit broken for the top 1%.

You have to keep in mind there are over 2 million users in the database, so even if I’m writing in the top 99.9th percentile, there are still potentially 20.000 people writing more than me.

And I doubt I’m that high in reality. There are some very industrious people within WA. But in all honesty, I’ve been writing a lot in the past months.

I think the gauge is more of curiosity but it helps to gauge your own progress. I, for example, had the goal of hitting 400.000 words last year but left just a little shy.

It’s still fun to see the number go up over time and to challenge your self every now and then.

Let’s talk about one of the most useful features of WA next. Hosting.

Internet Scams and Site Reviews: Wealthy Affiliate 2019 Review


If you have never run a website you might not know what a hosting service is. Your website consists of a domain, i.e. the address and the content under that domain.

Simply buying a domain doesn’t give you a website. The domain has to located i.e. hosted somewhere.

The domain has to locate on a server so it can be found on the internet. This is what the hosting service is.

Think of the domain as your business name and the hosting service as the premises.

The Wealthy Affiliate premium subscription includes a 25 domain hosting account.

This means you can host up to 25 websites without additional costs except for domain registration fees you have to pay anywhere.

You can also look for and buy domains through the hosting service so there is no need for third-party hosting services to run your online business.

The technology behind the hosting service is top-notch. They just recently updated the hosting to a much faster server with PHP 7 so you can get Google SiteSpeed scores up to the 90s.

If you are new to SEO, site loading speed is crucial for ranking your site in the search results.
There is simply so much data being transferred every single second on the Internet that Google encourages to save every byte you can.

Google also wants to offer the best possible user experience and nobody likes long loading times.

That’s why fast, mobile-friendly pages rank better these days than slow to load pages on old servers.

One thing any experienced Webmaster won’t probably like is that the hosting service is completely integrated with WordPress.

You can’t host a website with another Content Management System (at least that I know of) and you can’t access cPanel or FTP.

But you have to understand the company they are running. They want to make the technical side of things as simple as possible.

People are already spending too much time on the tech side of running an online business instead of focusing on content.

WordPress and SiteContent is more than enough to create a very modern and successful site as witnessed by thousands of success stories.

Wealthy Affiliate Tech SupportSo how about the tech support? All those functions are nice and dandy if they work but how about when you have technical problems?

I’m glad to inform you that the tech support at WA is absolutely top-notch. I’ve pestered them a lot. Almost weekly actually.

They always answer promptly and professionally. Not once have I felt they are not taking my problem seriously.

I’m no programmer or a webmaster even though I’ve worked with a computer for three decades.

When I get a technical issue that I can’t Google an answer for in three minutes, I need help.
For the time being there hasn’t been a problem Wealthy Affiliate tech support hasn’t been able to solve for me, so I give them 5 out of 5 for that.

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As you can see in the picture they have categories for the most common questions including downtime, plugins, themes, speed, login problems, SSL Certificates, and restoring and importing websites.

They can also help you out with anything that has to do with the techy side of your website.
One thing you should be aware of is that the tech support works through the Wealthy Affiliate internal messaging platform.

As far as I can tell you can’t get a hold of them by phone so that’s could be an issue for some but I actually prefer to communicate through writing.

You can also ask questions from the community when your problem is not as specific a technical problem with your site.

Things like Themes, theme settings, picture sizes, layouts, etc. are something you should ask the community first.

You should harass the SiteSupport with things like slow loading speeds, the site being down, site not displaying correctly, etc.

Wealthy Affiliate Compensation plan if you want to become a WA affiliate, they offer a very lucrative affiliate program. They offer what’s called recurring affiliate commissions.

You can see the basic compensation plan structure below:

Wealthy Affiliate Compensation Plan: Can You Make $11,234/Month ...

What recurring commissions mean is that you not only get compensation for the first payment when someone joins but for every payment. For life!

So if someone stays at WA for several years, you can earn several hundred dollars ($175/year) from a single conversion!

Just think about if you have 300 referrals, that’s over $50.000 in recurring payments!

Wealthy Affiliate also has a yearly Super Affiliate challenge. If you can make 300 premium referrals within a year, you will earn an all-expenses-paid trip to Vegas to meet Kyle, Carson, and the other super affiliates!

I plan on going next year, so wish me luck! Oh and I truly wish to meet you there as well!
Just check out this post by Kyle for motivation!

Is Wealthy Affiliate an MLMSo Wealthy Affiliate has an affiliate program and a compensation plan, is it an MLM (multi-level-marketing) business?

In short no, Wealthy Affiliate is not MLM in any way or form.

MLM stands for multi-level marketing and people often get MLMs, pyramid schemes, and affiliate marketing mix.

Wealthy Affiliate is a business training and tool platform that teaches a business model based on affiliate marketing. They also have an affiliate program of their own.

In affiliate marketing, the vendor shares part of the revenue with the affiliate in exchange for leads. It creates a win-win situation for both parties.

In multi-level marketing, the sales reps don’t get only compensated for the sales they make but for the people they recruit into the system.

They also earn income from the salespeople make in their down line. When you recruit three people and all of them recruit three people and all of them recruit three people etc. your commissions can grow exponentially.

This is why it’s called multi-level or pyramid marketing. The problem with even honest MLMs is that it incentivizes people to recruit new members aggressively. Something most people don’t like.

Pyramid schemes differ from MLMs by the fact that money is mainly introduced through recruitment fees, not selling products.

This means all the money is moving up inside the system and there is no actual value being added to the market place. This makes them illegal in most parts of the world.

WA doesn’t offer an MLM model. They simply pay you for the premium referrals you bring into them. So it’s regular affiliate marketing.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit or A Scam? So Is Wealthy Affiliate legit or scam designed to take your money for false promises of online riches?

I honestly think Wealthy Affiliate is legit. They are not scamming people. But you have to understand that it is a business. They are offering a service that helps you create an online business.

I truly think they are doing everything in their power to give you the best chance of succeeding in that goal.

But here’s the thing. Creating an online business takes work. And not only that, it takes consistent work.

This is something many people don’t seem to realize.

This can lead to disappointments in the results. This is unfortunate because the system has been proven to work time and time again.

If you can’t make it work, the problem is not in the system unfortunately, it’s in the mirror.
That said, not all programs are for everybody. People have different skillsets and ways to work.

But if you are capable of following instructions and writing content, there is no reason why you wouldn’t succeed with this system.

Just follow the training, apply it, and be persistent. Everyone’s journey is different.

That said, as I promised I will remain unbiased and present you some of the controversy and information concerning WA so you can make your own decision.

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