How I Promote My Music

I’ve keep getting asked by more and more people about how I promote my music and how I’m constantly growing and gaining more fans daily. I actually get asked this so much that it got me thinking I should make a blog about it that way people can come here and learn how to promote their music or business.

I’ve been teaching myself how to record/mix and master my tracks along with promoting my music myself and for free, for almost 2 years now. Honestly, at first, I completely sucked, like seriously sucked at everything. It was pathetic 😂 My girlfriend that’s helped me through this says that I when she first met me I was so caught up in the da fact of being able to upload freestyles To YouTube and SoundCloud. Everyone agreed though, it was through my pure love of making music and sharing it with everyone that I kept going anyways even though I wasn’t any good and barely would ever get any views 😒

Here’s a few places I started promoting my music to and how:

* Soundcloud

– I know there’s been some questionable things going on with SoundCloud but still I still give a lot of props cause SoundCloud has been the #1 helping tool for me getting started and able to continually grow my fan base consistently. I have a trick though. You gotta stay super consistent that way your always in the spotlight. If your wanting something to get noticed it’s got to be always visible. Another trick is that I started releasing freestyles then actual songs every single week. Every week for the first year I created non stop so I could release every week while trying to promote it at the same time.

That last tip i revealed is no doubly 100% of why I’ve been growing my fan base so quickly. Consist releasing new music not only consciously provides new content for you to pass throughout your social media’s along with giving you nonstop everyday practice which is always needed obviously lol

Seriously though, if you’re actually trying to make it as an artist so that it can become an actual paid career for you, you need to start recording, writing and sharing those dope recordings everyday starting now.

I’m not gonna lie, marketing your music on your own the free way is hella hard but it can be done cause I am your proof.

PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE If you actually love to make music that should be easy.

* Bandlab

– I use BandLab for multiple things like posing my songs, connecting with other awesome artists, finding great beats an favorite – BandLab masters your tracks for FREE. They also have a built in music maker where you can little record and build your entire song using it if you don’t have computer. I don’t use this feature cause I have Studio One Pro but it’s still a great tool if your just getting started.

* Repost Exchange

– I love repost exchange. Still to this day I use repost exchange “usually around 7-9 is when I’ll be active” I like using this website so much cause it gives you access to request a like, repost, comment and follow in exchange for your earned credits. These are real people and mainly other artists doing the same thing. Everyone has the choice to confirm or deny a request so it’s completely legit and fair. I use this platform almost everyday.

* Hypeddit

– This is another place I use everyday to promote. Hypeddit is great because it allows you to create download links to your individual songs that also tracks its analytics that way you can actually see how many times your song has been downloaded or viewed. I’ve been using this for a while to collect emails for my newsletter I send out that has all my special content and first to know Updates with my music.

* ScPlanner

– This one is still fairly new to me cause I’ve only started using it since it was included in my Repost Network Deal with Soundcloud. So far this website music promoter seems alright. I’ll make an update later once I’ve used it more and can give a better analysis besides just telling you that it’s a legit service.

* Reverbnation

– Here is a great website that hosts all your solutions as an artist. Revelation has all the tools you could ever need. Before learning to create my own website and how to use email marketing softwares I would from time to time use revelations email system. The only thing I really do with reverberation I’d maintain my profile and update songs. It has its own charting system which I’m #1 for my county for almost 2 years now.

Booyaahhh!!! 🤪😂😎

* Facebook/Facebook Groups/Artist Fan Page

– I use Facebook all the time. I’ve got a lot of content, conversations, drama and fan relations built there. I use all its features. I create ads, I’ve made several groups to promote myself With, I share to my story, my timeline, my artist fb page, my fan page, fb messenger, messenger groups. Connect and do like 4 like with other artists “I don’t do like 4 like or follow 4 follows anymore though, it was more just to get me started and people to notice me. It can become very time consuming and also super frustrating at times add as well so if your thinking about trying this method make sure you’re keeping your patients.

* Instagram

– Ive been using Instagram more regularly now than I have ever before because I’ve recently read a bunch of stats about how important it is to use IG for music promotion. I post content every couple days. Through my own profile along with through story, messenger and IG ads. I strongly suggest getting to know FB & IG ads and how to set them up because they help ALOT.

* Twitter

– I would drop links here and there and try to connect and become friends with as many people as I could. Twitter was the last one out of the group that I starting to use to promote which now I’m mad at myself cause if I would have know how great of a social platform it was to promote I would have started using it earlier 😂 I use twitters easy to use platform to seek out everyone of possible importance to my music career. From whats Been happening to me so far is that almost all the biggest contacts I’ve ever come in contact with so far is from Twitter. It helps you get basically right in front of all the biggest names in the industry. With a little bit If time pushing your content you’ll soon notice that people start interacting more.

* Email

– Having an e-mail list as an artist is HUGE and a major KEY in your success as an artist. Think about it, What’s outlasted everything and has basically always been around? Email. Everyone has an email and everyone still uses it. I started creating these blogs to outlet my music and also be a helping guide for any other artist out there that’s wanting to live there dream. It can be done.

– Sadly I’m going to keep my email content private lol

All in all, my best reply to everyone wondering what I do to continuously receive growing traffic and fans is that if you really looking to get yourself out there it’s gonna take time but there’s no secret cheat to this, you gotta stay consistent.

* Consistent upload new songs.

* Consistently be making new friends with like minded genres.

* Consistently be researching new places for you to promote.

* Create yourself a free website. You can find ones that are free and easy to setup.

* Populate your website with your musical content and promote everything all at the same place.

* Google search “places to promote music” then sign up and create profile with at least one song to each and everyone of those promotional websites.

* No matter what you gotta keep pushing cause if you aren’t doing it then nobody is. Anybody can achieve a full incomed career from their music. You gotta be smart though.

* Time management

* Money management

* Social management

* Email list grower

* Each of these you need to master and you can find them all in the App Store.

I hope this helped shed a little bit of light about what I all use to promote my music. Please let me know what you think in the comments below. I would love to know what you think about me with this whole blogging thing on the side of my music.



To our success 💰👑

Your friend,

CKM (codykingsmusic) by Cody King

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