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The basics of earning money on Internet – MyLead vademecum

The basics of earning money on Internet – MyLead vademecum

Hey! I’m mysc, author of the blog. The text that you’re reading right now is supposed to be some kind of a guide for new and intermediate users of MyLead affiliate network. The up-to-date version of this and other tutorials written by me, specially prepared for MyLead users, can be found in “Tests” -> “Beginners’ guide”, visible after logging in to your user panel.

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After reading some blogs and statements on forums, you can get the wrong impression that making money online is about investing in financial pyramids. I hope that after reading this blog, every new and intermediate person will know, what it means to work at home and simply start earning money online. Enjoy reading.

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In this article, you’ll find out:

  1. What is MyLead and how to make money on the platform?
  2. How much can you earn from the Internet?
  3. Dictionary of the most commonly used concepts related to making money on MyLead
  4. Referrals system
  5. Does e-earning require investment?
  6. Keeping a work journal
  7. How to start earning money on MyLead
  8. Prohibited advertising practices
  9. Why is it worth masking affiliate links?
  10. Do I need a mentor?

1. What is MyLead and how to make money on the platform?

The amount of informations, blogs, youtube channels and sections on Internet forums can cause considerable confusion. Earning online is a broad concept, but from the perspective of earning money on MyLead, it involves participation in various types of partner programs (ie understanding sales of third-party products/services).

MyLead exists, it is constantly developing and enables its users to earn money since 2014. By earning money on this website we can earn, from one place, in hundreds of different partner programs at the same time. Every partner program is based on the CPA (cost per action) settlement model, which means that we are charged commissions for all “actions” generated for the programs. “Action” in this sense, is a very broad term – it can be, for example, installation of an application, downloading a file, entering a link, creating an account, buying a given product, filling out a form and other. A discussion about types of offers and rates is in the third point – so keep reading, we’ll get to it soon.

There is a kind of advantage in earning on partner programs overselling your own products. Traditional business is limited to specific goods, which we usually have to own and in partner programs we almost have a total freedom.

Below I present an example, a bit detached from reality (but it is very easy to understand), showing MyLead possibilities:

Let’s pretend for a minute that you are the owner of a grocery store. A customer enters your store and asks if he will get a shaving cream here. Your answer is no. The client leaves.

The owner of a grocery store can offer vegetables and is interested only in people with the need of buying vegetables. In addition, he is limited to looking for such people only in the closest area and it’s in his business to have these vegetables. The Internet is significantly different. The amount of different types of partner programs is so large that you can get out from the other side – first think about the people you have access to (for example, fans of your fanpage on Facebook), establish their needs – and then fulfill them. The potential audience for our advertising is limited only by the number of Internet users.

Now let’s assume you’re running a vegetable themed fanpage, but the comments on posts suggest that fans need shaving cream the most. No problem, you register on MyLead, you find a program associated with shaving cream and offer it to your fans. You have practically no barriers to meet the needs of your clients. In addition, you are not responsible for the availability of the goods sold, but the advertiser of a given partner program. Your task is to find people interested in a given product and then recommend it to them, by using your affiliate link (visible in the MyLead panel).

Role of a shaving cream it’s just an example. The issue of choosing the right partner program is explained in better details in point 7.

Before we go any further, let’s just say what is NOT making money on Internet. Very briefly – they are not pyramids, bookmakers, or any other online gambling. Gambling is a gamble, and earning is mainly a CPA model.

The largest amount of money is earned on sales (CPA), so I recommend that you immediately let go of any type of clicking on ads, buxes, filling out surveys and other types of tasks with a penny remuneration. I consider these programs a waste of time, even when collecting referrals. Please note that in “clicks / tasks”, the promoters with hundreds of referrals earn stable and the biggest money. In CPA it is the opposite – people who can sell and advertise earn the most. You chose to earn on MyLead – so focus on that.

2. How much you can earn on the Internet?

The range of earnings is unlimited, but as you can guess, the easiest way is to not earn anything, and the hardest to earn a lot. Earning stable and quite high amounts is not as easy as it may seem.

In this whole industry you can mainly see people who earn a lot. This doesn’t mean that most people earn a lot on Internet. Most people simply remain anonymous and don’t boast about their earnings. You can mainly see people, who put online photos of cash and statistics screens of better months. At the same time, they don’t publish their costs. This can cause the wrong impression that making money online is easy.

“Everyone can earn a lot” – theoretically yes, but in practice completely not. To be honest, I advise you not to treat e-earnings as your only source of income. You can achieve a lot, but statistically stable income is achieved by a minority. Instead of looking at it as your life chance, I recommend to see it as a hobby and a way to help you earn some money.

Making money on Internet is the most convenient when using ready platform, which is MyLead. Go to your publisher panel now!


Answering the question from the title: The most probable is earning from several dozen to several hundred PLN per month. There are better and worse months, it all depends on affiliate offers, rates and methods of advertising available in partner programs. Of course, you can reach 4 or even 5-digit earnings, but this applies to a minority and is not the rule. Chances are that you will get such earnings – however, promising you that statistically would be unfair.

You will learn more about the attitude to e-earning in this article – “Attitude matters, in other words how to treat e-earning.” This is important information, so I recommend you to look at it.

Read the post now and find out, how to make money online.


3. Dictionary of the most commonly used concepts related to making money on MyLead

Cost per action – it is the rate for the campaign we promote (the action is performed by someone else – and we only advertise our link).

The CPA consists of:

  • CPDcost per download – rate for downloading the file;
  • CPI cost per install – rate for installing our file;
  • CPLcost per lead – rate for obtaining a sale lead (correct filling out the contact form);
  • CPScost per sale – rate for the sale made through our affiliate link;
  • CPRcost per registration – rate for each registration in a given website/game/portal/other;
  • CPMcost per thousand (“M” as Roman 1000). The concept means rate for 1000 views/clicks/other actions. The most popular use of CPM is the rate for 1000 page/advertisements views;
  • CPCcost per click – rate per click on our affiliate link;
  • CPOcost per order – rate for the order (regardless of the value of purchases).

Types of CPA offers:

  • DOIDouble Opt-In – lead is approved after the user confirms the e-mail address;
  • SOISingle Opt-In – lead is approved immediately after entering the e-mail address, the user doesn’t have to confirm it;
  • Incent – an offer can be advertised anywhere, including generating motivated traffic;
  • Non-Incent – an offer requires only high quality traffic, motivated traffic is prohibited;
  • E-mail submit – lead is approved after entering the e-mail address in the DOI or SOI;
  • PIN submit / Confirm PIN – lead is approved after confirming the PIN from SMS message. In this category there are also SMS MO offers;
  • Lead Gen – lead is approved for obtaining lead sale (CPL);
  • Sell Gen – lead is approved for generating sales (CPS);
  • Credit Card – lead is approved after connecting and charging the customer’s credit card;
  • Survey Completion – lead is approved after correct completion of the survey.

Types of SMS and IVR rates:

  • MT – it is a subscription, where the customer gives his phone number and receives a text message clearly informing about the subscription costs and the access code. After entering and confirming the access code, the client activates the subscription service, which can be unsubscribed at any time about which the client will be also notified. The customer cannot register twice to the same service he is already in. MT is divided into rates – subscription (one-time pay) and renewals (multiple pay). If the given mobile operator doesn’t support the MT model or the specific user has blocked subscriptions, the payment is automatically exchanged (after entering the number by customer) on the MO model;
  • MO – it is SMS Premium, where the client sends a text message to the given number and gets a one-time pay depending on the selected rate (our commission is about 35% of the SMS price);
  • IVR – it’s a paid call, where the client calls the number given by us and dials our internal number and we receive a remuneration for every second of the call. The internal number is our identifier – on the basis of the internal number chosen by the client, system knows who to allocate the commission for the call. The customer must have sufficient funds on the account to connect to the premium number;
  • SMS CHAT – it is a repeated SMS PREMIUM, where the client sends text messages to the given number and receives answers (conversation via text messages). For each message sent by the client (during the whole conversation), we receive a commission. It is important for the customer to have the appropriate amount of funds in the account at the time of sending SMS.


  • Affiliate Marketing – affiliate marketing that consists in recommending someone else’s goods/services in exchange for a commission on generated sales; affiliate program;
  • Branding – building brand awareness, for example, through banner campaigns;
  • Cloaking – hiding partner links or pages (for example, through “serving” search engine robots a different version of the page);
  • Cookie stuffing – abuse used by dishonest partners; tossing cookies to unsuspecting Internet users in order to obtain a commission;
  • CTRClick-Through Ratio – indicator defining the ratio of users entering a particular link to all users visiting the site with this link;
  • Active income – income requiring work, ending in the event of discontinuation of work;
  • Passive income – income not requiring work (for example, gained from a ready, positioned website or from actively operating referrals in a given service), lasting despite the end of own activities;
  • FB – social website;
  • FP – fanpage on Facebook, “facebook page”;
  • YT – service;
  • Fraud – commission obtained inconsistent with the regulations of a given partner program;
  • Conversion – takes place when someone performs the most-anticipated action on the landing page you are promoting (the most-anticipated action could be, for example, sending a Premium SMS, registering an account, downloading a file and other);
  • Landing page – an advertising page that aims at the highest conversion possible;
  • Lead – is the person who left the data/correctly filled in the contact form on the sales page;
  • Niche – a segment (part) of the market characterized by specific needs of potential customers;
  • PP – short for partner program or PayPal;
  • Referral – a person registered from our reflink – referral;
  • Reflink – a unique affiliate link used to promote website/goods/services or search for referrals;
  • ROI – Return on Investment – an indicator defining the percentage return on investment; formula: (revenue – cost)/cost*100%;
  • Motivated traffic – the opposite of natural movement; in the vast majority of partner programs, this is a forbidden practice of offering money or other goods in exchange for using your affiliate link (motivating to perform the action – “do X, and in return I will give you Y”);
  • S4S – share for share – promotion method (for example, fanpage on Facebook);
  • SCAM – a dishonest earning service, fraud;
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – processes to increase the visibility of the website in search engines: in addition to organic SEO, it also includes paid search results (ads displayed in results);
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – processes used to improve the position of the website in search engines; we distinguish the methods of “white hat” (consistent with search engine regulations), “black hat” (inconsistent with search engine regulations) and ”grey hat” (mix of regular and non-regular practices);
  • Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM) – processes to improve the image in search results; SEM + SEO + activities aimed at removing negative reviews from search results;
  • Search Engine Results Page (SERP) – page of results on which the analyzed page appears; commonly, the position in the search engine;
  • Affiliate network – a service that is an intermediary between advertiser and partner (marketer);
  • Spam – e-mail/message/content containing commercial information on which the addressee did not agree;
  • Referrals system – a system that allows you to recommend a partner program and recruit new partners in exchange for a percentage commission;
  • UUUnique User – a unique user visiting a particular website;
  • Viral – viral advertising; an advert encouraging or forcing users to perform a “viral action”, i.e. further advertising of the website (usually through social media).

4. Referrals system

The referrals system is actually the standard in this type of earning programs. More specifically, I would like to explain the issue with which new people often have problems – which makes them feel used. Every MyLead partner receives a private link to further recommendation of the website. A person registered from such a link is assigned to the user who gave them the link, with which the other person gains a commission (5%) from the earnings of his or her registered person. In no case does this mean that anything is lost when registering with someone’s link (reflink). You earn as much as you would earn when registering with empty links. The generated commission is an add-on that doesn’t subtract anything from your earnings.

Use the MyLead referral system and start earning! We have prepared special graphics for you that you can use!


5. Does e-earning require investment?

No, it doesn’t. Participation in partner programs is completely free.

Currently, programs such as REV-SHARE, HYIPY, ICO, as well as matrix mine cryptocurrency are popular. These types of services most often mislead users about the actual operating model and in reality operate on the principle of a financial pyramid.

Promoters of financial pyramids are very visible, especially on YT – it is relatively easy to find them. The warning lamp should light up when you have to pay for the opportunity to earn. Who in that case earns? You? Or them?

The second important issue in the context of investment are all kinds of paid guides, courses, scripts, bots and other tools used in e-business. It should be remembered that making money online is also a niche. I know from the autopsy that “earning on earning” is more stable than the changing niches in CPA. By selling guidebooks, video courses, paid webinar for earning, you earn mostly more stable than on sales (CPA) of non-learning products. There would be nothing wrong with them if these products were actually valuable. Unfortunately you can meet with the creation of so-called chains in which people who buy a specific course, sell their earning courses, and so on. There is a lot of E-books and earning on Internet. Creating the above-described chains lead to understanding the level of actual value and very manipulative sales practices. These practices make it difficult to know the value before purchasing, and the prices themselves are sold in inflated, often reaching several thousand USD, prices.

Investments are not needed, especially in tools advertised as assured profit. Such a thing is a profit mostly for their author. It should be noted that by spending everything you have earned on the next guides, bots, scripts, you don’t really generate any profit. Think about it – who then really makes the money?

The situation is similar with SEO tools. The vast majority of people don’t need them at all, but some people will get the “premium accounts” anyway. Such purchases result from ignorance and a desire to earn. Unfortunately, the scripts/bots won’t make your pages earn as much as you want. They will make their creators make money first.

To sum up: the world of online earning is full of traps that you can easily fall into, which in the end may lead to spending more money on “supporting your earnings” than the amount you actually earn. However, financial pyramids may lead to the loss of all funds invested in them.

Earning at MyLead is fully free and available to anyone who’s interested. Any investments in materials that would help you with earning money should be thoroughly considered! I recommend to stay away from the financial pyramids.

Go to the list of affiliate programs offered on MyLead now, and choose the perfect program for yourself.



6. Keeping a work journal

On e-earning forums, you can run public job logs:

Why is it worth to keep a journal? Our list of pluses:

  • Increasing self-motivation by setting goals and daily tasks to be done;
  • Discipline as to the performance of these tasks, in the end you need to add more entries;
  • Enabling others to give yourself advice – see at what stage you are and what you could change/improve;
  • The ability to trace your “way” and actions at a later time.

The right organization is very important and directly affects the results.

7. How to start earning money on MyLead?

As I mentioned before, you don’t even have to spend a penny to start earning money. In the section “Beginners’ guides“ in the MyLead panel and on the forums about earning, you will find everything you need.

Before you ask any questions,read the work logs of other people, more experienced people. Logs can be found here and here. Pay attention to how they promote. You can find even more information in the “Online Earning Guides” and “CPA Guides” sections.

Many people start earning in partner programs from choosing a particular program that they will advertise, which is a niche. Once they get the idea of what it could be – they copy their affiliate program link to a specific program and advertise it. Wherever possible. In my opinion, these people make a mistake – searching for a niche should start from the other side, in other words, from the analysis of a group of people whom you have access to.

The evaluation and analysis of our target group of ads is a very important point, which unfortunately is usually neglected and ignored. Group of recipients is the group of people to whom our advertisement will go, same with the link to the given program. Therefore, we should adjust our offer (niche) to them, not the other way around. Recipients won’t adapt to your niche, you have to adapt to their needs. The content of the advertisement and the chosen program should be different, depending on the place of the promotion.

Imagine that you are a regular customer of a grocery store and buy bread rolls every day. One day, as usual, you come to the store to get what you usually buy. Turns out that the bread rolls are gone, but the salesman is bombarding you with yogurt offers. You don’t need yogurts, you were looking for bread rolls – so you leave the store empty-handed.

This is the situation when you advertise random programs, for example, in FB groups. You just take the role of a salesman who is trying to push people to buy something that they don’t want. How long do you think would the featured grocery store remain? Exactly.

Everyone has an idea or the possibility of placing their ads and links to programs in specific places. It could be a YT channel, FB group, fanpage, GG, chat rooms, forums and other. The first thing you should do is think about who will read your posts. What does your audience want? Why is it in this, and not another place? What can interest them so much to want to know/verify/see/watch/download and use your offer? You can choose from an unlimited set of topics – you can choose between ready-made programs or create an LP yourself, suited to the needs of your audience. Advertising everywhere the same program and advertising content that is interesting to you – won’t be effective. You should prepare your ads based on the needs of people who will read them – and not your own. It is only when you know who you are dealing with, that you can present them with properly selected advertising and try to hit their needs.

Effective affiliation depends on the appropriate selection of the product (and advertising content) to the group of recipients. From this you should start making money on MyLead, that’s what this is all about.

You can start earning your online money right now!


8. Prohibited advertising practice

It is prohibited to promote by:

  • Creating false/impersonal social profiles of well-known people and using their images;
  • Misleading as to the functionality of products/services;
  • Use of well-known brands and registered third party trademarks.

In addition, It is absolutely prohibited to:

  • Fill out order forms with fake data;
  • Stuff cookie (tossing cookies to unsuspecting Internet users, for example through 0px frames);
  • Order products in the “payment on own delivery” option to your or someone else’s data in order to obtain a commission (such orders are not paid);
  • Order and then returning products in order to obtain a commission;
  • Impersonate third parties in conversations with consultants.

Practices requiring consultation with support:

  • Filling out forms for a customer from the same IP address;
  • Sales of products at prices below base – at the expense of own commission;
  • Buying products (for yourself or for resale) through your own reflink;
  • Product recommendation for a family sharing a computer with a fixed IP;
  • Masking partner links through frames.

9. Why is it worth to mask affiliate links?

Although you can successfully advertise direct affiliate links, for several reasons I consider this practice to be a mistake.

First of all, such links immediately associate with partner programs – and, unfortunately, the mentality of the “gardener’s dog” is quite common. People don’t like to give money to others, even if they lose nothing. Using direct advertising links is the risk that potential entrants simply won’t enter the link or remove our ID from it. This problem can be solved very easily – using additionally popular free shortcuts – and/or Free shortcuts are not the best solution, it’s best to choose your own domain for this.

Secondly, such links are often blocked in social media. If a specific link/domain is blocked, for example, on Facebook – ALL posts that this link contained will disappear from the portal. In this way, you can easily lose all of your traffic source. There are many more people using your domain, than just you, so the risk of blocking really increases. When it comes to social media (primarily about Facebook), there is no point in risking. Unfortunately, there are no longer any free shorteners here.

Thirdly, using direct links results in a total lack of control. When using your own domains, you can easily redirect the link to a different page in every situation. If you use direct links, they will always lead to a predetermined place.

10. Do I need a mentor?

No. Learning to earn is primarily learning from your mistakes.

When you start working, you will consistently modify your methods – i.e. improve, add ideas to others, combine free guides, and so on – there is no way you could not understand how everything works.

On online forums you will find a lot of practical knowledge. Over time, as you develop your ways – you’ll start to see opportunities everywhere. Everything can be a niche, every human being has needs they want to fulfill and you can let them do it. Every fan of any fanpage has a need – if you determine what is their need and why they liked this and not the other site – you have a chance to earn in CPA. It’s worth being up to date, read books/guides and add more interesting ideas to your methods. However, remember that by spending all your earned money on books/guides, only the authors of these materials actually earn, not you. On the forums you will find free guides and many useful tips in job logs – use them.

Don’t forget that at MyLead you will find a team of experts who will help you in generating profit. You will find them even at the Discord server.


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