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Herculist Plus is a safelist that has been in business since 2001.

I am not a big fan of safelists as I think they can be like traffic exhanges. Just alot of clicking and nobody paying attention to what they are clicking. Believe me I have been guilty of this my self.

I think herculist Plus is different. It forces you to slow down and look at what is being advertised. The advertisements are interesting of themselves so I don’t mind.

Some data about Herculist Plus

There are approximately 86,000 members

On the log-in page you will see a PRIME ad

The next page you come to will feature an i-BLAST ad

The next page will be the members page

As a free member you will get:

Daily plain text email/web ad submitted to 1000 members
500 Character Blurbs Earn 25% commissions on all referral membership payments 20 second surf timers 2:1 surf ratio (theZONE)

When you come to the members page submit your daily email. You will want to use the Regular mailer for your daily ad if you are a free or gold member. This is the main mailer.

By the way there are 3 levels:




The next one is the credit mailer. You can use this mailer any time you want if you have credits to use. Get credits by reading blurbs or ads.

Now lets talk about the Power blurbs. They pop up all over the site and you can earn 35 credits every time you click on one.

The next way to promote your ad is thru The Zone. You can click the button at the top of the page, or you will also find it at the bottom of the members page. All you have to do is add your website link. This is where you get into β€œit pays to upgrade” territory. If you are a free member you earn 1/2 view for every site you view. If you are a gold member or pro its 1 view/1 view. Also if you are a free member there is 20 seconds between views, upgraded it is 5 second between views.

Leads, Leads, Leads!

Oh my goodness we are not finished yet.

The next way to promote your ads is called PRIME ads. Remember them, these ads are seen all over the site. They are embedded into the Herculist site in the prime spots, for instance when a person logs in they will see your prime ad and they they will see it when they log out. Here you pay a certain amount for views, the cheapest being 10 dollars for a hundred visitors.

Lets discuss the Hercublurb. these are my favorites because they are short. It takes 500 credits to submit a Hercublurb and a 1000 credits to submit a Powerblurb. I submit Powerblurbs. I do not have any trouble reading other peoples blurbs for 35 credits a piece. You have a bigger audience with the power blurbs because they are seen on various pages of the members area.

Almost the end

Their latest way of promoting your website is called the Traffic Bomb or i-BLAST. There is a box with the information at the bottom of the members page and the prices. From what I read on the i-BLAST page you blast your ad to 81,500 members. Every member that logs into Herculist and List Volta will be sent to your website. I am still researching the length of the i-Blast.


Herculist Plus is a newer version of the old Herculist with 2 new ways of promoting your ad. These 2 ways are THE ZONE and PRIME. Herculist Plus is still connected to List VoltaΒ <– affiliate link

and Smart-List Mega MailsΒ <- affiliate link

There is a sale everyday and you can also win extra credits.

I do not know if you have to upgrade in order to use the i-Blast.

With the affiliate program a free member earns 25% commissions, gold member earns 35% commissions and a pro member earns 50% commissions.

I think this safelist is a cut above the rest and is worth investing in.

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