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YouLikeHits – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

YouLikeHits – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

Has the number of people following your Twitter account come to a standstill?

Are you baffled for new ways to increase the views of your video on YouTube?

You could try ; a free site designed to help you grow your social networking presence.


It could help you to increase your following on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Souncloud, StumbleUpon, your website and more.

I thought I’d give it a try to see how good it is, particularly compared to Twiends which I reviewed in my previous blog. I’ve written this blog in a similar style because – well frankly it worked so well!

The premise is simple, when you do things (watch a video, follow someone etc) you gain points. The points on your account are used to attract others to follow you or watch your YouTube video for example, they then receive your points. They use the points to attract people to their social media accounts and the circle continues…

So here it is, the Good, The Bad and the Ugly of YouLikeHits:

The Good

  • There are a large amount of ways to gain points – watch a YouTube clip, follow a twitter account, like a Facebook page, favourite a tweet and thelist goes on including actions for Vine, Google+, instagram, Pinterest and others.
  • You start with 50 points.
  • 300 free points for successfully inviting someone to join.
  • The skip function, you can check out a user’s account and if you are not interested β€˜skip’ them to remove them from your list. Nice feature.
  • You can earn a fair amount of points by just watching a YouTube video, and you don’t have to watch it all so it’s a really easy way to increase your points.

The Bad

  • The FAQ section has one question and the support section is just an about page
  • You cannot see a description of the accounts you are supposed to follow – so you have to follow blind.
  • The β€˜your account’ section is limited to how many points you want to use to promote your page.
  • You cannot update your preferenceYoulikehitsethicss to help you find new accounts to follow that are relevant.
  • You can’t have more than one account so – those with more than one twitter account choose wisely!
  • Many of the members that I clicked on had been banned by twitter. Not a good sign.
  • You cannot give a country preference so you have to sift through many accounts in other languages to find any that you might want to follow.
  • It isn’t particularly mobile phone friendly – I tried to gain points by watching a YouTube video on my phone and then on my tablet and simply got an error message.
  • You can’t guarantee the quality of the people who follow you – they are unlikely to engage in your content.
  • You might not be able to keep hold of the followers you gain using YouLikeHits – some will add you just to get points and then unfollow you again.
  • Want more hits on your YouTube channel? In order to gain points the user only needs to watch for 30 seconds ; they don’t have to have to sound on and the window could be hidden. You will increase your viewer numbers but it is unlikely that they will watch enough to want to share your content.

The Ugly

  • There is a very limited description of the YouTube links suggested for you to watch (Just the title). It could literally be anything which is a concern.
  • The site itself; it’s quite old-looking and doesn’t fit the chrome browser.
  • The formatting is a bit funny. When you watch a YouTube clip the page you return is a bit skew whiff – I’m sure this would be simple enough to fix. The devil is in the detail.
  • If you choose to view a YouTube clip to gain points the window auto-closes after 30 seconds. Even if you are interested in the content you have to be pretty quick to figure out how to continue watching it.


This is a great quick fix for more views/followers/likes – however they won’t be quality. I wouldn’t recomment YouLikeHits for professionals / organisations looking for people to engage with your content!

If you are looking for a way to follow similar minded people and get better quality Twitter followers I would use Twiends, if you are simply looking for quantity then YouLikeHits could be the answer!

Have you had a different experience of YouLikeHits?

Know of any other sites that you would like me to review?

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