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DreamHost Affiliate Program! Earn up to $150 Per Sale

This is a website hosting platform that offers a very awesome affiliate program that allows you to possibly earn big money.

DreamHost affiliate program is one of the most lucrative affiliate programs in the web hosting industry. They allow you to get $150 per sale with their WordPress hosting plan. Read on to learn more.

DreamHost is one of the world’s most popular web hosting companies, and it’s achieved massive success since it was founded by four college students. Shared Starter, their cheapest hosting plan costs $2.59 per month. It’s a great place to start. Shared Starter plan can cater around 5000 page views without any hassle. That’s why, I recommend you; DreamHost as the best web hosting solution for you.Table of Contents

Why should you join the DreamHost Affiliate Program?

DreamHost is a well-known web hosting provider officially recommended by WordPress. They provide fast, secure and always up web hosting plans. With the help of 1-click instant WordPress installer, users can install WordPress easily. DreamHost offer 97-day money back guarantee which is the longest in web hosting industry.

You have a good earning potential with this feature-rich web hosting provider. DreamHost offer an affiliate program which you can use to make almost $150 per sale. To become a member of DreamHost affiliate program you don’t need to be a DreamHost customer and any one can become an affiliate of DreamHost.

We have created an ultimate guide to affiliate marketing. If you’re new to affiliate marketing, check it out first.

Commission Structure

DreamHost affiliate program offers two types of commission structure based on their monthly and annual plans. You can get almost $150 commission for directly referring a customer to WordPress hosting plan (DreamPress). $150 commission is applied for both monthly and yearly plans.This means you can get up to $ 150 for any plan that users register.

If a referred customer sign up for monthly shared hosting plan then the affiliate will get $15 in commission. But for annual shared hosting plans, the commission will be $50.

Now it’s obvious that one time commission makes more sense and you should select one time commission structure as a DreamHost affiliate.

Get Started With DreamHost Affiliate Program

It is simple. Sign up for their affiliate program using link given below. Once you are signed up, login to their control panel and click on reward tab to get your DreamHost affiliate link. Now promote that link via blog post or send it via email.

You can either offer a discount coupon worth $50 which I offer to Woblogger readers, while you keeping a commission of $50.

It only takes five referral per month to make an extra $750 per year. Start today and earn an incredible $150 for each DreamHost web hosting referral.

Earnings are in USD and can be received via PayPal or just applied to your DreamHost hosting bill. Earnings may be cashed out 97 days after the referral happens, and they’re paid out on the first business day of each month.

Get started with DreamHost

Do let me know if you have any question about DreamHost affiliate program? You can also check out our comprehensive affiliate marketing guide to get started with affiliate marketing.

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