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Should You Ask For Retweets?

If you have ever been bombarded by ‘please retweet’ messages then you may find this advice counter intuitive; Apparently you should ask for retweets occasionally.

I’m not so sure.

But I know I formed a mental block against doing this in the early days of twitter, when everyone was asking for retweets. It became ‘bad etiquette’ back then.

Dan Zarella conducted a study into this and determined that posts that ask for a retweet do get more retweets though. The same goes for asking for comments and likes. This study was probably done before images and video became widespread though. I’ve done a few tests sending out similar tweets with some asking for retweets, and I couldn’t find a correlation. Of course, doing this occasionally probably won’t cause any harm, but save it for calls-to-action that are important to you.

Should You Ask For Retweets?

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