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Earn Money With Linkvertise

Start earning money this second using linkvertise. Besides also having a great affiliate program they also pay you per click.

Monetization done right!

Earn Money With LinkvertiseJoin Linkvertise and monetize your content today!

Linkvertiseย is an awesome platform that allows its users to monetize their content such as blogs, social media, videos and images.ย Linkvertiseย is the highest paying link shortening website that I have found in all german-speaking countries. Don’t worry America, it does function and the US as well.

What I really love aboutย Linkvertiseย is that it does not use pop-ups or other annoying layers and yet still offers an amazing payout. The layout is clean, seamless and is very easy to navigate through. I cannot stress enough how impressed I am with the layout and optionsย Linktiverseย provides to its publishers.

As a person who has used other link shortening platforms i must say this is by far my favorite.ย Linktiverseย is definitely an innovation in link shortening that I believe has changed the game and quite honestly after creating shortlinks on this platform, I doubt I will be using any others. It truly has everything you need in a link shortening platform.

The back office dashboard is completely optimized so you are able to create, launch and overview your earnings. Through stats you are able to see precisely how your shortened links are performing.

Linkvertiseย has multiple payment options including Bank Transfer, Paysafe card and Amazon coupon. The minimum payout is $10 and you have the option to get paid daily!

I know right? Super amazing!

LINKVERTISE One of the best URL Shorteners 2020 to earn Money ...

Linktiverseย also has an affiliate program to help you gain even more revenue. You will earn a lifetime commission of the income on each person you refer. So it’s a good idea to create meaningful posts that include your referral link. This will increase your passive revenue streams.

If you have a website, the marketing tools in the back office have multiple banners that you can choose from to incorporate. They are in Html format so all you have to do is copy and paste the code in the desired area..

Request a payout on Linkvertise | Tutorial English

They also have a full script API which is great if you have a website with many external links. It makes it easier to monetize your entire website in one step. This full script will completely and automatically convert all external links on your website into Linkvertise links. It basically ensures your website gets high revenue. So if your website has many external links this is a great option to monetize it.

There is what you can expect from a full script API:

– Application works immediately in one step

-Conversion is automatic on all of your external links making them all linkvertised!

-Every new link you then add to your website will convert to a Linkvertise ljnk.

-It will come equipped with general advertising settings

– You are guaranteed to have a great user experience

Linkvertise's Profitable Affiliate Program - Start Now!- Earn Now!

Be sure to read the program policies so that you have a clear understanding of what is accepted and what is not accepted inย Linkvertise. It is very important that you comply with the policies of the program. If you do not complyย Linkvertiseย has full permission to reclassify your account to disabled especially upon a serious violation. If your account becomes disabled you will never be able to get it back there for you will not be allowed to join the service again.ย Listverseย policy is very strict so make sure you follow the guidelines.

Why was the Full Page API disabled for my account? - Linkvertise Blog

Examples of what can get your account disabled are:

– the use of adult and pornographic

-the use of violence hate speech

–content related to illegal drugs

– Malware

– Deceptive or misleading software.

You can see the full list of guidelines located on their program policies page. which is located on your dashboard.

If you would like to get in touch with customer support you can do so during the week by direct message on Twitter and inside the support chat. On the weekends chat support is not available so just keep that in mind. They have a current questions section as well if you have concerns.

BEST URL Shortener to make Money 2019 - Linkvertise Review ...

Link shortening is a really great way to create income especially if you are a beginner at earning money online. It’s underrated but I believe it’s by far one of the best ways to begin earning a great supplemental income. I’m going to write an article soon with a step-by-step guide going in depth as to how I useย Linkvertiseย to make $1,500 a month. Which if you ask me is a great supplemental income for doing something I already do.

Joinย Linkvertiseย and begin your journey into the the world of link shortening and making money today!

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