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This website is one of the best and my personal favorite traffic exchanges where you can earn real organic traffic and promotion to any website of your choosing fast and 100% free.

EasyHits4u to increase website traffic fast?

The Best Traffic Exchange

EasyHits4u is a free site that helps to exchange traffic. You can increase website traffic fast simply by surfing on EasyHits4u. It also pays for surfing, from which you can earn a decent amount of money. In addition, you can earn money online by referring to its affiliate link. Receive $0.30 for every 1000 surfing. Furthermore, under its referral program for every person, you refer that surfs 100 or more sites you can earn $0.10. This is really an amazing site to increase website traffic fast as well as earning a decent amount of money. Let’s have a clear idea of how to increase website traffic fast as well as earn money online just by surfing in EasyHits4u.

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Get started with EasyHits4u

Increase website traffic fast and earn money online by using EasyHits4u

To start with EasyHits4u, simply signup a new account using your valid email account. Don’t forget to provide all valid information including your PayPal/Payza email. Set a strong password since you are saving money on this account. EasyHits4u will allow you to cash out your earned money after you are saving $3 or more on your account. You just have to click on Cash out to transfer your earned money into your PayPal/Payza account. It will take 5 to 7 business days to transfer your online earning.

The Best Traffic Exchange

How to add your website to EasyHits4u?

For adding your website into EasyHits4u, you just have to click on My Sites. You will see the Add a new site option there. You just have to click on that option and add your website link there. Don’t forget to put the title of your website and check the 24 hours unique traffic option. Now, click on Submit website. It will take some time to add your website. When your site is added to the My Sites, don’t forget to turn on the status of your website. It will allow your site to be visited while you are surfing and adding credits to your balance. EasyHits4u will allow you to surf up to around 300 websites and add balance up to around 100 credits. In addition, more credits will be saved from various bonuses in the Credits option. You can assign those credits to reach additional traffics using Assign credits option. For your kind information, you also can convert your earned money into credits.

The Best Traffic Exchange

How to surf?

There is nothing easier than surfing. When you are all set, just click on Start Surfing. In every 15 or 20 seconds, you will see 5 images. Among these images, 2 images will be the same. You have to click on one of the duplicate images. Moreover, you may see some easy mathematical problems like 13-11=10, 3, 2. You just have to click on the correct answer. For each click, credits will be added.

Innovative Traffic Exchange

More on EasyHits4u

Besides, adding your site in EasyHits4u, you are getting few more advertising options like adding the banner and adding the text ad. To run your Banner Ad and Text Ad, you will receive Banner Ad impressions and Text Ad impressions from the bonuses. In addition, you also can convert your earned money or credits into Banner Ad impressions or Text Ad impressions.

Your 1:1 Traffic Exchange
The Best Traffic Exchange

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