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In this Trafficadbar Review, you will make a decision to see if it is the right traffic exchange for your business or not.

TrafficAdBar is a traffic exchange. If you are not a fan of traffic exchanges don’t stop reading yet.

This program has been around for 10 years. They must have something to offer or they never would have lasted this long.

In this article, we will review the TrafficAdBar and look at everything about it including the good and bad. Here we go!

Trafficadbar Review

Name: Trafficadbar
Price: Free Membership available   Pro-Lite:9.99 USD, Pro:19.99 USD, Platinum: 39.99 USD. Join for Free
Owners: Darren Merret
Overall Rank: 80 out of 100

Trafficadbar Product Overview

Trafficadbar is a traffic exchange. You view ads and earn credits which in turn show your ads to other members. You are exchanging credits for views which can lead to traffic for the website you are promoting.

Traffic Adbar uses a ladder system which as far as I can tell is unique in this form of marketing. Here is a breakdown of the ladder system in a screenshot:

your trafficadbar levels

The Trafficadbar Ladder has 17 levels going from level one on the bottom up to level 17 at the top.

The higher you are on the ladder, the more hits you will receive in a three day period. The ladder is reset every 3 Days according to the number of points gained by all the members in the previous three day period.

Traffic Ad Bar has a Bonus System for every 25 pages surfed each day you get bonus points that you can then exchange into hits.

You earn points by clicking the links in your daily email, promoting your sites with the banner from Traffic Ad Bar, adding the Traffic Ad Bar widget to your website and surfing other sites.

The Good & the Bad

As with any program, there are going to be good and bad things about it. I have to admit Traffic Adbar has mostly good depending on what you are using it for and the time spent.

The Good:

Free to join.
– Can refer members for points.
– Trafficadbar banner links for your site.
– Every now and then you will need to іdеntіfу yourself to mаkе ѕurе уоu аrе nоt a robot.
– Because other members are like you it is a good way to get referrals.
– Extrа points rеwаrdѕ and exposure fоr асtіvіtу.
– Gеt ideas fоr new рrоmоtіоnѕ.
– Member рrоfіlе wіth a рісturе, a brief dеѕсrірtіоn of yourself and your business you рrоmоtе.
– Exроѕurе tо other mеmbеrѕ whо will vіеw your рrоfіlе and wеbѕіtе.
– Thе 20 daily lеаguеѕ gеt featured, and уоu gеt mоrе views fоr recognition.
– Contact fоrm and gооd ѕіtе ѕuрроrt.

As you can see Traffic Adbar brings a lot of value to the traffic exchange method of getting more traffic to your website. There are many benefits to upgrading. If you are going to make this a key part of your marketing upgrading is the way to go.

The Bad:

– You still have to click ads.
Free members have to view more pages (ads) than paid members.
– This is not targeted traffic.
– No pages with Google AdSense allowed.

Google will not allow any pages with their ads on it to be promoted via traffic exchanges. This is true for all traffic exchanges and not just Traffic Bar.

The other key point is the traffic is not targeted. The exception to this is when you are promoting another traffic exchange. This makes sense because people viewing your ads are traffic exchange people just like you.How I Sell Products Online with Zero Inventory using a Simple 4 Step Formula

who is trafficadbar for

Who is Trafficadbar For?

Anyone can join Trafficadbar. Because it has been in business since 2009 they have a lot of members.

This is good for you because you get a wide range of people viewing your ads and not the same people seeing them over and over.

It takes a certain mindset to sit in front of your computer and view ads over and over. Some people like this because they know their website is getting viewed and it’s an active way to at least be doing something.

You will want to test your results to determine whether this is time and money well spent.

Trafficadbar Tools & Training

As a member, you will have access to various training and customer support. I have found no complaints about this anywhere online.

Trafficadbar Price

Free Membership
Platinum: 39.99 USD

Join for free and check out the various levels. Upgrade when you are ready as you can put some of your ads on autopilot without having to surf to earn credits.

Why You Should Consider using Wealthy Affiliate as Oppose to Trafficadbar.

Wealthy Affiliate vs Trafficadbar

FeaturesWealthy AffiliateTrafficadbar
Is it easy to get help?
Private coaching available?
Can you Contact the Owners?
Is there a live chat?
Is there step-by-step training?
Are free websites included?
Is web hosting included?
Do they offer a domain platform?
Can you try for free?
Is there a keyword research tool?
Is there an affiliate program?
Do I recommend this?YesNo
My Overall Rating10/104/10

Get Started With WA

My Final Opinion of Trafficadbar

As a blogger, I have never been a big fan of traffic exchanges. For me sitting in front of a computer and clicking on ads, looking at them, and then waiting for the next ad to show up is very monotonous.

However, I admit I am impressed with what I have read and seen from this Trafficadbasr  Review. Here is the key thing to think about in my opinion.

What is the quality of traffic you are trying to achieve? What is the website you were going to promote?

From a lead generation standpoint promoting your landing page could make sense depending on the product or program you are promoting. The great thing about doing this is when the sign-up form is short people can go ahead and just enter their email address before the next ad appears.

This would be a good way to build your mailing list using a traffic exchange. If you’re promoting a sales page nobody is going to be able to read everything on the page before it disappears.

In this case, it’s basically a wasted view. No matter how many of those you have you’re not going to justify the time and money spent even on a quality traffic exchange such as Traffic Ad Bar.


Whether you need more traffic, or just want to make more money, I can help you with affiliate marketing and you can start learning for FREE!

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  • Free to join.
  • Can refer members for points.
  • TrafficAdbar banner links for your site.
  • Gеt ideas fоr new рrоmоtіоnѕ.


  • You still have to click ads.
  • Free members have to view more pages (ads) than paid members.
  • This is not targeted traffic.
  • No pages with Google AdSense allowed.

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I love using this traffic exchange website mainly because its so simple and also a great easy and fast way to get any website you’d like promoted to real organic people. I have made a lot of good people here that only look to help so I highly suggest giving this a try!

Also make sure to connect with me after you sign up that way we can ALL GROW TOGETHER!!!

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