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POWER LEAD SYSTEM – Instantly Start Generating Automated Income Daily

This automated system is the golden ticket when it comes to making money online, especially when it comes to being completely automated. This is unbelievable! You HAVE TO TRY IT OUT! “specially seeing its free”

Learn Why The Power Lead System Can Help Anyone

Building a Home Based Business to Literally Generate Massive Amounts of FREE Leads On Auto Pilot!
The Power Lead System is a Simple yet Proven way for anyone building a home based business to generate a Massive Amount of FREE Leads on Auto Pilot!
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A sales/lead funnel that allows you to give away a FREE lead system to your prospects. 
This funnel can be used to “pump out” leads to promote any business that your prospect has, whether it’s traditional, online or MLM…literally ANY type of business!
Even though almost everyone building a home based business or does any marketing online has a website, they are desperately needing a LOT more prospects to introduce to their business.

The Power Lead System does the following:

Automatically Generates Your Own Unique Leads On Auto Pilot

Provides a Proven Sales Funnel to Generate Massive Amounts of FREE Leads

Allows Members to Keep It FREE Forever!

Allows Members to Try Our Premium Version With a 7 Day FREE Trial

Allows Members to Easily Keep Our Premium Version FREE Each Month

MUCH More!

First, here is a little background….

One of the founders of Power Lead System (Michael Price) who assisted with the customization of this system has been a network marketer, small business owner and trainer for leaders in the industry such as Anthony Robbins. He has been in your shoes and knows a tremendous amount about how to make custom systems.  So it’s no surprise that they decided to take all the great features from the Priceless Possibilities Free Lead System and roll them into a very unique and powerful marketing system with new added features and a twist to the 100% compensation model, for those who wish to share the opportunity as marketing affiliates.

Michael Price created Priceless Possibilities utilizing his Free Leads System Forever platform, and this is how it works:  Someone shares this unique lead generating opportunity to you and then you are supplied with your very own link to share.  You are given your own Free Lead System Forever that you can share with others which can generate unlimited leads.

Let’s say you decide to upgrade to the Premium Membership because you decided that you don’t want to give away half of all your leads you generate by using the Free Lead System for FREE.  You upgrade to a premium membership and then have the ability to use all the features (SEE PLS Features) and never pass up another lead to the person that introduced you to the system.  Now you have access to everything and keep all your leads.

Now, anyone that you referred is hopefully smart enough to decide they don’t want to pass up every other lead they generate to you either and they upgrade as well.  You are then compensated when that person becomes a Premium Member.  This continues to happen through INFINITY.  So you actually have the ability to be paid through unlimited levels.  But keep in mind…THIS IS NOT MLM… You are getting paid from a single “payline” and simply compensated for what your referrals generate in volume. So not only your direct referrals, but referrals from your referrals who never upgrade will continue to pass up leads and or/sales.  So what you have is an All-In-One Marketing/Lead Generation System that allows anyone to use it for FREE in exchange for them to pass up half their leads. Or, as just explained, they can upgrade and keep them all.

Any free lead that you bring into your organization will be added to your contact manager. 

Your contact manager system will be on auto-pilot and initiates a done-for-you email campaign presenting you as an expert in the marketing bizz.  If that’s not enough, how about exposing them to your primary business/company at the same time?!!

Let’s say you give away 10 FREE systems… Every other lead that those 10 people you recruit, is going to roll up to you! If each of the 10 people rolling up to you generates 10 leads, that’s 50 FREE leads total!  All potentially on your payline!

Which means, instead of 10 you now have 50 people repeating the same process.  These numbers can really add up fast!
Now… As a paid member you are not passing up other free members… Only free members pass up free members! 

Free members are always presented with the option of upgrading, thus creating a commission for you and they get to keep the leads they generate, just like you do! So if you are a free member, and you recruit a paid member… You will lose that commission.  So it only makes sense that you upgrade.

Now once you do upgrade, the leads that you roll up, you still get paid for because you get 50% of everything they generate in revenue. So…..


But for a better understanding of how the commission structure works…SEE (100% Compensation Twist)

Why would we offer our FREE Lead Generation using Power Lead System? We know that many people will want to upgrade to the ‘Premium Membership’ once they experience how much we offer in the FREE Membership.

View the MANY ADDITIONAL ways we can help any distributor grow their business when they try our PREMIUM Version. (See PLS Features)

The PLS Free Lead System is a Win-Win situation for everyone…

For a limited time you can give this proven system a test drive for a week… 4 FREE!
If you decide to keep the system, it’s less than a dollar a day.
Click the button below to get started!

Free Lead System

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