Day 2 Plug-In-Profits Training

Day 2 – Start Building Your List and Getting Referrals

Most people who start a business online would NEVER be able to start making money after just 2 days, but you can!

I have setup a complete website that’s PROVEN to be a cash machine. Turn it on and you will start earning checks.

In fact, let me share a secret with you..

One of the most profitable parts your entire website is actually be your autoresponder. You should test this out yourself. Visit this page of your website and sign up now…

When people visit your site and subscribe through your “Free Newsletter” page they’ll be added to your email list instantly. Go ahead and try it yourself to see how it works!

Note: That’s just 1 of the ways to build your list. I’ll show you many more as you continue to go through this training.

For example, this page and this page build your list too. And I have many more pages like that to show you soon…

Upon subscribing, that person will receive a pre-written follow-up email from YOU immediately. Go subscribe yourself so you can see what this looks like. As you can see, the email follow-up message from your autoresponder warmly welcomes your new subscriber and introduces them to the information-rich, money-making content that you’re autoresponder will be sending them (*automatically* on your behalf) for you in the weeks and months ahead! 🙂

Your email list is managed by Aweber, your autoresponder.

You can login and manage your email newsletter/autoresponder here. Here’s your login details:

Please listen carefully to what I’m about to say…

Important: If you did not sign up for and provide me with your own active Aweber account when you signed up for the Plug-In Profit Site, the login details listed above will be listed as NA, and your autoresponder is not setup correctly.

To correct this, you will need to setup your own Aweber here, and contact the help desk with your Aweber account login details so we can login and setup your autoresponder.

If you can login to Aweber with the login details provided above, and you’ve tested your newsletter, and it’s working correctly, you’re all set and have the world’s best email marketing service working to help you grow your business!

Here are a few things you need to understand about your autoresponder/newsletter:

The purpose of your autoresponder is to follow-up with your website visitors to provide helpful information, build trust with them and ultimately sell them on buying one or more of your affiliate products and signing up on your team in your recommended online programs and opportunities. 🙂

Each message delivered by your autoresponder contains your name and links to your website for the purpose of building trust with your subscribers and selling your affiliate products. When your subscriber clicks on a link within one of your email messages, they will be instantly re-directed to one of the pages on your website, or one of your affiliate links that are coded into this system. When they click links and sign up for programs located on those pages, you will earn commissions from the respective program as long as you have all your correct affiliate ID’s listed on this page.

Your autoresponder has already been fully setup with your new website and pre-loaded with a complete 400-day marketing campaign. You don’t have to write any messages or setup any technical stuff. Everything is already done for you as a part of the Plug-In Profit Site service I’ve provided.

If you would like to see or edit the pre-written content of your newsletter, simply login to your Aweber account here.

Once inside, go to Messages > Campaigns:

Here’s a snapshot of your 400-day pre-written email autoresponder campaign that follows up for you 24/7/365!

Note: If you don’t see your email campaign listed immediately, change Current List to: Home Business Tips:

Keep in mind this is a 100% customizable email campaign so you can add, remove or re-arrange anything you want…

That said, it’s a proven money-maker so my first suggestion is simply to add subscribers so you can start earning income from this automatic email money machine.

Once someone is subscribed to your email list, they will remain on your list forever or until they unsubscribe. If they wish to unsubscribe, they can do this easily by clicking on a link that will automatically be placed at the bottom of every message delivered to them. Like I said, this entire marketing system is all automated for you!

Note: If you subscribe to your own newsletter at your website and do not receive the first message of your autoresponder sequence within 5 minutes, it is probably because your Internet Service Provider has a filter setup to block the incoming email based on the email’s content or some other reason. If that happens, check your spam folder and/or whitelist your own email address and domain name.

One of the easiest ways to make money online is to build your own responsive subscriber list and send consistent trust-building emails and offers to it. You already have the trust-building emails… Now all you need is to fuel it with subscribers, and in this guide I’ll show you many ways to steadily grow the size of your email subscriber list.

Let’s talk about a few ways you can start doing this now.

First, as you start getting visitors to your website, some of them will subscribe to your newsletter automatically. I’ll show you many ways to get visitors to your website throughout this training guide. I’m also sure that you can think of many ways to do this yourself such as telling people you know about your website, adding your website to your social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

In addition to this, I’ve also setup several “squeeze pages” for you which you can promote online to build your list automatically. A “squeeze page” is just a simple page that offers some value or additional information in exchange for the visitor entering their name and email address into it

Here’s a “squeeze page” I setup for you that works great:

The single page above and your autoresponder alone can make you a full time income. Some of Plug-In Profit Site’s top affiliates use only that page and solo ads (I’ll explain those later…) to build a big email list and full-time income.

Remember, once you start growing your email list, your pre-written email letters will follow up with those people for you automatically to help you make money on autopilot!

Simply inviting people to visit your website, or making your website link a signature file in the emails you send out, or adding your website to your social media accounts, you will start getting people to check it out naturally, and some of those people will subscribe to your email list, and some of them will also sign up and join different programs with you.

Don’t worry if any of this seems complicated at this time.

I’ve literally setup everything for you that would take you years to setup on your own. It’s like if I’ve built your house, wired all the electricity, setup all the TV’s, Internet, wifi, etc… Everything has been setup for you, and what I’ve setup for you works extremely well at generating profits. Right now it’s time for you to get to know it all, and test it out so you can see how it all works…

And don’t worry about visitors… If you don’t know how to get them, I do and I’ll show you all the simple strategies I’m using to get non-stop visitors coming to my site, squeeze page and PIPS affiliate link to pull in steady sales and income 24/7/365 – even while I’m sleeping – and without needing to use the phone or talk to anyone in person. Sure, you can talk to people if you want, but it’s possible to make a lot of money without the phone!

In fact, if you’re ready to start building your list, making money and pulling in sales fast, follow these 3 easy steps:

Stop dreaming about success… Just go make it happen!

It’s time to Launch your online profits…

Please note: I’m going to outline a strategy below that I’ve used to build my email list and make money 100% on autopilot. You are NOT required to follow these steps to make money with your website and the Plug-In Profit Site system. My strategy online is to setup multiple automated forms of advertising and marketing that allow me to work just an hour or two daily, and still make 6-7 figures a year.

These are the strategies that I outline for you in this training guide. Again, some of them are 100% free, and some of them require an investment to setup. The marketing strategy outlined below to start building your email list and make sales through your autoresponder is very effective, but it does require a little paid advertising.

Also, as with all forms of advertising, everyone’s results will be different. I show you exactly what I do because it is working for me. Advertising to build my email list is one of the best investments I can make because I know that when people join my list, many of them also join my business! 🙂

Ok, are you ready? Below is one simple action I’ve used to make autopilot sales in all the Plug-In Profit Site programs!

Step 1: Login to your Traffic Authority account and purchase a traffic package. Traffic Authority is not only an affiliate income stream… It’s a top-tier source of traffic.

If you have not joined Traffic Authority yet, sign up here through the link of your sponsor in the Plug-In Profit Site.

Traffic Authority sells traffic packages ranging from 170 all the way up to 8,400 visitors. They call these “clicks”.

My first package with Traffic Authority was the Titanium package which delivers 3,400-3,800 clicks. Since this campaign started I’ve used an tracking link with my Traffic Authority campaign, and this lets me know that I’ve referred 15 new Plug-In Profit Site members so far out of 2,755 clicks. This averages to 1 new Plug-In Profit Site signup for every 183 clicks. This campaign has also added hundreds of subscribers to my list, and I expect that many of them who have not joined PIPS yet, will join in the future from my automatic email follow-up letters. Plus, I can email these people anytime I want to promote other products too.

Results will vary, but I’ve had a great experience with Traffic Authority traffic, and the best part is it’s 100% automated. I just buy the traffic package, point it to a Plug-In Profit Site opt-in page and Traffic Authority does the rest. If you are looking for a totally hands-free way to build your list and start getting signups, here’s a good one!

If you want to set this up for yourself, here’s the steps…

To buy traffic, login to your Traffic Authority account here, and then click the “Traffic Store” button that looks like this:

Next, watch the video to see exactly how this traffic works, and then follow the instructions to select a traffic package.

The starter package is $220 and gives you 170-190 clicks. The highest package is $8,397 and gives you 8,000+ clicks.

I have a Titanium Package running right now which delivers 3,400-3,800 clicks…

Tip: On top of getting more traffic for a better price, the benefit of buying a larger traffic package is that you’ll be qualified to earn commissions on that level of traffic package when your referrals buy Traffic Authority traffic. For example, if you buy a Gold package, you’ll be qualified to earn commissions up to the Gold level for your referrals, but if one of your referrals buys Titanium or Diamond traffic package, you won’t earn commissions for this sale. Also, Traffic Authority offers a bonus in the first 7 days that will upgrade you to the next highest level of qualification when you purchase a package, so if you buy a Gold package within this qualification period, you’ll be qualified to earn commission for life on all Platinum level packages & below!

Select your package by clicking on it. Then, scroll down and tell Traffic Authority where you want this traffic delivered.

I recommend setting up your account by clicking on the “Other Website” option and adding your PIPS squeeze page.

It will look like this:

Here’s your PIPS squeeze page link:

This PIPS opt-in page will build your email list in Aweber, and promotes the Plug-In Profit Site for you automatically.

Some of your subscribers will join your Plug-In Profit Site team right away… Other subscribers may join you weeks or months down the road. That’s why I setup your autoresponder to follow up for you automatically for 1 year.

Plus, you can also email your subscribers anytime you want to promote additional products, make special offers, etc.

As soon as you have setup your Traffic Authority account as described above, simply place your order and you’re all set.

They will start delivering traffic to your squeeze page, and you’ll start getting new subscribers daily 100% on autopilot.

This is an easy and effective way to start building your list.

All the new subscribers that you get from Traffic Authority will be directed to sign up directly through your affiliate links in GDI, SFI, Traffic Authority, Online Sales Pro along with Now Lifestyle as well – once your IDs are added here.

It’s simple and effective online marketing strategies like this that I use to consistently build my list and make steady sales for all of the different affiliate products I’m promoting.

Note: There are places you can buy top-tier traffic that converts into sales for less money, but the benefits of Traffic Authority traffic is that it’s 100% automated, and you will also be qualified to earn big commissions as your referrals join your team and start buying this traffic too.

The sky is the limit once you have your own mailing list.

You can start sending your list additional offers for other products and programs that you want to promote anytime you want now. You see, because your list is already setup, and you already have a money-making website with proven high-paying affiliate offers, all you have to do is add interested subscribers, and collect new commission checks.

All the hard work has already been done for you, so you can focus on the most important task of all: making money.

Plus, you won’t just be buying traffic.

Traffic Authority is going to pay you big checks too…

Pay close attention.

Everyone you refer to the Plug-In Profit Site will be provided the same training steps that you are seeing now.

Many of these people (your team members) will follow today’s training to start building their list and making sales.

This is a great thing for you because that’s how you create duplication on your team and earn big residual income. You earn a % of the profits from all the sales your team makes in all the different programs that are part of this system! 🙂

Plus, on top of the financial benefits of team duplication, you can earn big commissions whenever your referrals join Traffic Authority and purchase their own traffic packages.

That’s how people are earning checks like this each month:

As you can see, there’s a lot of money to be made in selling traffic. The reason this is true is because there’s even more money to be made in receiving it. In this business, getting visitors and subscribers is how you make money. Traffic Authority provides a very high quality source of visitors that are readily turned into subscribers and sales.

Note: You will be qualified to earn commissions on traffic packages purchased by your referrals up to the level of the traffic package you’ve purchased yourself. For example, if you buy a Basic traffic package from Traffic Authority today to get 170-190 clicks, you will be qualified to earn commissions up to that same level of traffic package when your referrals purchase traffic. However, if your referral purchases a higher level traffic package such as the Gold package which delivers 850-950 clicks and pays out $500 in commissions, this sale would be passed up to your sponsor.

Traffic Authority also offers a stair-step bonus in your first 7 days of membership that will qualify you for life to earn commissions on 1 traffic package higher than what you buy yourself when you buy a traffic package in your first 7 days.

That’s one of the reasons I got the Titanium traffic package.

This qualifies me to earn all the way up to the Diamond level traffic package which pays out a $4,000 commission.

It doesn’t happen every day, but when it does happen, the big $4,000 commission from Traffic Authority are very nice!

My advice is to buy a traffic package first to build your list, and then consider that the people joining your list are likely to become team members with you in Plug-In Profit Site.

You want to be qualified to earn commissions when these people start buying traffic packages from Traffic Authority…

I see this as a circle of profits. You buy traffic and that traffic converts into new team members with you in this business. Next, those new team members also buy traffic to grow their business, and you earn commissions from that.

I recommend that you get qualified on the highest level of traffic package that you can afford, because some of the people you refer will purchase big traffic packages and you will want to be qualified to earn from this when it happens.

It’s similar to having a retail store…

If you only have $1-$10 products in that store, that’s all that you can possibly earn. But if you have some products that are in high-demand in your store that cost $100, or $500, or $5,000, etc., there will be people who buy them…

People are buying Gold, Platinum and Titanium traffic packages every day in Traffic Authority. That’s how people are making $10,000-$20,000 a month from this program.

Tip: You only have to buy a traffic package one time, and you’ll be qualified for life to earn commissions from the same level of traffic package that you’ve purchased from Traffic Authority, as long as you are also an active reseller.

Watch this video to see how the compensation plan works:

Let me to also remind you that you don’t have to buy traffic from Traffic Authority to make big money in this business.

I’m just letting you know that it’s an effective way to build your list and make sales, and that if you are doing this, many of your team members will also want to purchase traffic from Traffic Authority. In these cases, it would be smart to be qualified to earn commissions from these sales.

You can make money buying this traffic.

You can also make money selling this traffic.

Today’s training shows you how to do both.

In fact, simply by giving away free websites with your PIPS affiliate link here, you can develop a residual income in 5 very high-paying programs at once including GDI, SFI, Traffic Authority, Online Sales Pro and Now Lifestyle too! 🙂

And the good news is that the choice is ALWAYS yours with regard how much or how little you want to earn. You can use the Plug-In Profit Site to earn 1 stream of income or 5… You can use the Plug-In Profit Site to earn small checks from Traffic Authority like $100-$200 per month, or big checks from Traffic Authority like $10,000+ per month.

You simply have to decide how you want this system to work for you. It already works really well at turning visitors into profits. You’re the one in control of how many income streams you want, and how much you want to get paid. This isn’t a job. You’re the boss. This is your business, and you are in charge of what you will earn for your efforts.

Why do I recommend investing to build your own email list?

At some point, if you want success, you have to make an investment in this business. It takes either time or money, or both. Everyone who is making significant money online has put their skin in the game. When I first got started online, I paid for an effective autoresponder, and I paid $1,500 to build my email list fast. Since that time, I’ve been blessed to earn millions of dollars in commissions.

When you have a list of subscribers interested in what you are offering, it’s impossible not to make money. When you apply the steps above, you will have a list of real people who receive your pre-written follow-ups automatically, and who are all directed to join the Plug-In Profit Site with YOU!

Plus, you can email your list special offers and announcements anytime you want to increase your profits. There is no greater investment that you can make than building a list, and the steps above show you not only how to build your own list; but how to become a traffic reseller and earn big additional profits as your team grows.

Congratulations! Because you are a Plug-In Profit Site member and have gotten this far in the process, you know more about online marketing (after just 2 days) than many people who try to make money online will ever know. You have your own website, your own autoresponder, your own profit-pulling email marketing campaign, your own squeeze pages that collect subscribers for you automatically, and you’re affiliated with 5 of the best-selling, highest paying opportunities in the world today. Because you made the decision to sign up for the Plug-In Profit Site, you are years ahead of where you would have been trying to do it alone.

Most people who try to make money online never get so far as having their own website with an autoresponder along with an email follow-up campaign PROVEN to pull in profits.

But we need to change that! I can’t stand seeing good people fail, which is why I created the Plug-In Profit Site and this 30 Days to Success guide. With your help, we can guide many more people toward a real and honest path to success and profits online with the Plug-In Profit Site!

Before you move on, if you haven’t done this already, please submit a testimonial for the Plug-In Profit Site now.

If you have a positive impression of the Plug-In Profit Site and my service to you, I would appreciate receiving a testimonial from you. I’ve setup a special page that makes it very easy for you to share your feedback with me here:

I’ve also included a video recorder on that page that will allow you to record a video testimonial if you are up to it…

It would be awesome if you could leave a video recording!

Including your picture would be appreciated too, and it’s very easy for you to upload one through this link.

I will be using your testimonial/review to help you and all Plug-In Profit Site members make more sales, and your initial impressions of this system are very important to share with others. Also, if you include a picture of yourself, that would be great too! A picture is worth a thousand words! 🙂 The form located here makes it easy to submit your testimonial, a picture, and a video recording.

Don’t worry if you’re not making money yet… You just got started, and you’ll be making money very soon… For now, talk about the service itself and how it has exceeded your expectations, and what you truly think and feel about it! 🙂

Soon you’ll have your own money-making testimonial to share, and we can use that one to help you earn more.

Your help with this is appreciated!

Beyond that, just realize the power you have in your hands now with your fully setup money-making website and profit-pulling email autoresponder campaign. You have tools already setup that are highly effective money makers!

In other words, you don’t have to re-invent the wheel. Just use what is already provided and watch the money come in.

In the days ahead, I’ll show you more simple steps that I follow on a regular basis to make money on autopilot, 24/7.

But I urge you to take things one steps at a time and thoroughly learn the lessons of each training day carefully.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson observed:

“An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory.”

Many people spend months, and years of their life learning different ways to make money online, but they never do it.

What I’ve shown you here are actual money-making steps.

These are the exact things I’m doing to make money.

My advice is to apply them, and build a successful business.

The key to success is in your hands now.

It’s up to you to use it…


The Traffic Authority reseller username currently on file for your Plug-In Profit Site account is:


This is the reseller username that your referrals will be directed to join Traffic Authority with to start buying traffic.

If you would like to update this ID so you’ll be qualified to start earning commissions on traffic sales, you must join the Traffic Authority reseller program here if you have not already signed up. After that, submit a ticket to our help desk here that includes your Traffic Authority username and password so I can verify your account is qualified for earning commissions and add your ID to your PIPS account.

Remember, what I’ve shown you above is just one of the ways that I build my online business. It is NOT required to follow this strategy to make money with your website, or the Plug-In Profit Site system. There are many free and low cost ways to grow your business, and I will show you some of the best ones in this training guide. I’m simply showing you how to build your list right now because it’s one of the fastest ways to start making sales and grow your income.

If the strategy above makes sense to you and you can afford it, I encourage you to apply it now because it works.

If not, just continue with the training ahead and apply the things that you understand and that are within your budget.

There are as many ways to build a business online, and promote a website effectively as there are people doing it…

Your path to success will be unique to you. My goal is to show you the exact steps and tools I use in my business, so you can learn proven methods and find what works for you.

Extra Bonus: When you join Traffic Authority through the Plug-In Profit Site and order the Gold traffic package or higher that gives you 850-950 clicks, I will also give you 1 full year of Plug-In Profit Site Co-op Advertising FREE!

I’m offering this extra bonus because I know that members who order the Gold traffic package or higher are going to refer many new members back to the Plug-In Profit Site, so I wanted a way to thank you and help you earn even faster!

Plus, when you order the Gold traffic package today, you’ll also be setup to start getting big commissions on the Gold traffic package yourself when your PIPS referrals buy this package which pays you a $400 commission for every sale.

Also note that when you purchase a traffic package from Traffic Authority within your first 7 days, you will receive a stair-step bonus that upgrades you to start earning commissions on the next highest package level. So if you buy a Gold traffic package, you’ll be qualified for Platinum!

Watch this 8-minute video to learn exactly how it works:

If you qualify, just submit a ticket to our help desk here that includes your Traffic Authority username and password so I can login and confirm that you have successfully ordered a Gold traffic package. Once received, I’ll add you to our advertising co-op and start advertising for you today!

Take action on what I’ve shown you above, and you’ll have a proven system that is building your list and working to make autopilot sales and commissions for you 24/7/365.

Plus, when you get the Gold Traffic Authority traffic package today, I’ll also start advertising for you for an entire year for free with all the ads you see running here

You’re just a few simple steps away from having it all now.

Also keep in mind that the bonus that I’m offering you is what I’ll be giving your referrals too. This motivates many of the people you refer to PIPS (using Traffic Authority) to purchase their own Gold traffic package, and every time this happens, you earn a BIG Traffic Authority commission!

Be sure to go Gold if you can so you don’t miss these sales.

In summary, Traffic Authority provides an automatic and effective way to build your list and start making sales fast…

Remember, the paid upgrades and actions I show you are simply things I’ve done that can grow your business a lot faster. It’s definitely possible for a brand new person to make 6-7 figures their first year (and it happens all the time) in this business by taking big actions. That said, if paid marketing and upgrades are difficult for you right now, focus on the free and low cost strategies to build yourself up. It may be slower, but you’ll still get there!

The simple training steps above can add hundreds of new subscribers to your email list and many new signups into your affiliate income streams in a very short period of time… I encourage you to take your time to understand it, and if you need help implementing any part of it, let me know. I can provide full technical assistance if you need it.

Tip: If you buy a Traffic Authority traffic package, I highly recommend that you promote this page which is setup to automatically build your email list in Aweber and refer new Plug-In Profit Site members through your affiliate link:

Warning: I have seen many people make mistakes when they setup their Traffic Authority traffic package by promoting the wrong link, or a link that does not build their email list effectively. If you need any help setting up your traffic package, I’m happy to do it for you to promote the link above. Just submit a ticket to the help desk here with your request and Traffic Authority login details, and I’ll get your traffic pack setup to promote this link right away.

Great job!

If you’ve applied today’s training steps and setup a Traffic Authority traffic campaign as described, you have just leapfrogged over 95% of the people who have ever tried to make money online. You are on the road to success now! 🙂

Click Here to Start Day 3 Now!

Quote of the Day:

“That some achieve great success, is proof to all that others can achieve it as well.”

– Abraham Lincoln

Click Here to Continue to Day 3 of the 30 Days to Success Training >

Did you get your auto-blog today?

It’s the most automatic way to grow your online business…

Learn more, and automate your blogging & business today!

P.s – You can also start making money instantly by joining and adding your own passive income downline to your blogs. I’d really love it if you’d all join in and do the same. This is a team effort and the more we get to follow and do the same just means the more we all will make, and much faster!!!!
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