Day 6 Plug-In-Profits Training

Day 6 – Start Adding New Content to Your Site Daily

The easiest and most effective FREE way to grow your business on the Internet is to post new content to your site regularly. You can do this easily by making posts inside your WordPress account. In fact, every new post you make to your website creates a brand new page on the Internet!

And if you followed yesterday’s training, every new blog post you make creates many more pages all over the Net…

Your posts can be anything you want… They can be like your personal diary in text, they could be video updates, they could be training lessons in text, audio, video, etc… They could be poems, or pictures, or whatever you want!

Generally, the best thing is to a pick a theme and start blogging (or posting) about that regularly. If you are interested in marketing on the Internet, start blogging about marketing on the Internet and the things you learn and achieve along the way. If you are interested in cars, start blogging about that… If you’re interest is in saving money and finding good deals, start blogging about that and sharing some of the sites, services and information you find that helps you save money on different things… Doing this, you can get followers of people who want to learn or find out more about whatever topic you are posting about.

If you want this done for you, Turn on auto-blogging…

You see, by blogging regularly, you’ll find yourself posting interesting content that may become useful to other people. Then as you follow some of the steps in this training guide, Google and other search engines will find your site and start listing some of your pages in their search results, and you’ll start getting a stream of interested visitors to your site who are reading your articles, watching your videos, etc. Then some of those visitors will click on the banners or links of things you are promoting on your website, and sign up for the different products and programs you promote.

The great thing about blogging or posting new content to your site regularly is that every time you do it, it creates a brand new page of your website, and these pages will live forever, or for as long as you keep your own website online.

I have posts I’ve made to different sites that have been around over 10 years and will probably be online 50 or more years from now, that still attract new visitors to me.

This is what you want to start doing now.

Pick a theme, and start posting new, interesting and/or helpful content in the form of simple posts, articles, videos or whatever your like doing and post regularly to your site.

Do this simple activity regularly and share some of your posts with people on Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites, and you’ll start attracting visitors to your site naturally. This will get links pointing back to your pages from other sites which is going to cause the search engines to pay attention to your site and list your pages!

It really is this easy and simple.

The important thing is to do it regularly.

Yes, you could make one interesting blog post and attract some visitors from it over time, but the more regularly you do this, and the more regularly you share some of your blog posts with others through social networks, the more visitors you’ll get, and the more pages of your site will find their way into the search engines getting you more traffic…

Many top earning affiliates online have achieved what they have in terms of influence and income by “blogging daily“.

There are many ways to make money online, and I will teach you a lot of different strategies that are working for me, but adding original and interesting content to your own website regularly is just a natural thing to do, and it will start bringing you a regular stream of visitors if you follow the simple guidance that I have already offered you above.

Your website is your home on the Internet.

It should be treated like your home in the physical world.

You take care of your home. You buy furniture for your home. You clean your home. You add on to your home. You change the color of your home. You love your home. 🙂

This attitude should be true for your website too. In fact, the more you love, care for, add to, develop, customize and value your website, the more rewards it will bring to you!

Now that you know some of the reasons to post new content to your site regularly, I’ll show you how to DO IT.

>>> Instructions for logging into your website are here >

As soon as you login, in the left-hand column on the top you will see a “Posts” section. In that, click on “Add New“:

This will instantly direct you to the “Add New Post” page.

Enter a title for your post into the field that looks like this:

Then you can enter your actual post in the field below that:

Your post could be an article or tutorial about something you’ve learned, and now you can show others how to do it!

You could post your own review of the Plug-In Profit Site, or any of the affiliate programs and products you promote online. Writing honest reviews for products and services you are using and then linking back to that product or service inside your review a few times is one of the easiest ways to make sales for products on the Internet. Later on, your review will get listed in the search engines and people will find it, read it, visit your affiliate link and possibly join.

You could be watching a really interesting video on YouTube and want to share it with others. Your website is a great place to do this! Just use the Share and Embed code that YouTube gives you to post the video directly onto your site!

It can also a good idea to write your own introduction and thoughts about the video when you post it to your website.

You could record your own video commentary, instructions, training, review, performance, or whatever you want and then upload it to YouTube, and post it on your own website.

The possibilities are truly unlimited, and the more original, interesting, helpful, entertaining, on-topic, insightful posts you make to your website, the more pages you’ll get listed in the search engines – and the more visitors you’ll attract.

When you’re satisfied with your post, click “Publish“:

After that, click the “View post” link:


You just created a brand new page on your website!

TIP: If you make any errors with your post or want to change anything in the future, just click the “Edit” link and you’ll be directed to a “Edit Posts” page where you can update or delete any posts you make in your WordPress website on the fly which will update your website instantly.

Now wash, rinse and repeat this process regularly… Before you know it, you’ll have lots of pages ranked in the search engines and visitors coming from all over the place, especially if you also share some of your posts with people in your social networks, by going to sites like Facebook, and sharing the link to your new post directly with your friends!

This happens automatically if you setup SNAP on your site. SNAP turns your site into an automated broadcast station…

Also, each new page of your website is using different keywords automatically because of the unique title that you give to each post which basically gives you another mini-site online that attracts visitors from search engines. Every new page you post to your website is like creating a brand new website that will have it’s own life… Each page can attract it’s own visitors, produce it’s own sales and get it’s own rankings in the search engines that live on forever.

My metaphor for this is fishing… All the pages you create on your website are like being out at sea and casting many different fishing lines out in the water with bait on them ready to catch fish… The more lines you have in the water with interesting bait on them, the more opportunity you’ll have for actually catching fish. In this metaphor, “interesting bait” is interesting, informative, original, helpful or entertaining content in the form of articles, reviews, commentary and opinions about hot topics, etc. “Catching fish” is attracting interested human prospects who visit your site and engage in your content.

I strongly encourage you to start adding articles and other unique, interesting and informative content to your website regularly from now on. That’s what search engines want to rank – sites that are growing steadily with unique content!

By posting new content to your site, you are becoming a creator of the Internet and providing people and search engines what they are looking for – interesting information and opinions about a wide variety of subjects. It definitely doesn’t have to be about “home business”, or “working at home” or “internet marketing”, etc… You could simply post about things you are doing in your daily life or whatever you want and some of those pages WILL get ranked in the search engines and attract visitors your way, especially when you share your pages in social networks.

It truly doesn’t have to be difficult or cost money. All you need to do is “blog daily” and you can make income online!

Who you are is more valuable than anything else in the world. By sharing a little part of yourself with the world through your website, you will touch people’s lives and attract the right people into your business as well. 🙂

Be sure to take action on what I’ve outlined for you here.

This is one of the simplest and most effective ways you can attract visitors, create influence and make money online.

Remember, be consistent. It is better to post 5 new articles to your website every month for 5 years than it is to post 500 articles to your website today and then do nothing else.

Also, if you don’t want to, or don’t have time to post to your blog regularly, I can do this for you when you turn on the Plug-In Profit Site Co-op’s Auto-Blog Posting service which adds 1 new informative article to your website daily.

You will be rewarded in this business in direct proportion to your commitment to take steady actions like what I’ve shown you long-term over the course of months and years!

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Quote of the Day:

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”

– Benjamin Franklin

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