Day 10 Plug-In-Profits Training

Day 10 – Copy a Highly Effective Facebook Sales Hack

I’m about to share the most effective free strategy that I’ve ever seen used to refer new members to Plug-In Profit Site.

Therefore, pay close attention… šŸ™‚

Even if you don’t have a dime, if you put a little work into it, you can start referring new members to your team daily.

The member who I learned this strategy from refers an average of 2 Plug-In Profit Site members EVERY DAY by contacting people on Facebook by making a Friend request, and then chatting with them about the Plug-In Profit Site…

The process is simple, but highly effective when done well.

Here’s how it works:

The member who I learned this strategy from joins groups in Facebook related to making money online, affiliate programs, business opportunities, etc. Sometimes he joins specific groups related to businesses that are part of PIPS…

You can search for and find groups by clicking on the “Groups” menu link in your Facebook account, and then use the search function in Facebook to search for the type of groups you want to explore for joining… Again, for this strategy, they could be anything related to making money online, business opportunities, working from home, affiliate marketing or opportunities like SFI, GDI, Now Lifestyle, etc.

Or maybe you know other opportunities that are popular right now as well. You can target members of those opportunities, and show them how to get a website that can also be customized to help them promote their programs…

Here’s how Lawrence does it (customize to your own style):

Once he’s joined different groups, then he looks for people who are really serious about making money, but who may be frustrated or not having the results they really want yet.

Then he sends a Friend request to those people…

After the person accepts the Friend request, he starts a chat conversation with them using Facebook’s live chat tool.

His only reason of doing this is to refer new PIPS members.

And it works…

He refers an average of 2 new members every single day…

Some weeks he refers over 20 new PIPS members doing it.

And it’s free…

And he’s building a huge team…

And you can do this too…

And it won’t cost you anything at all…

You can take what I’ve said here and get to work on it now.

The more you work on it, the better you can get at doing it.

To illustrate, I’ve posted a few of his Facebook chats below:

Facebook Chat Example 1

Facebook Chat Example 2

Study those Facebook chats carefully and implement some of the same strategies he’s using, and you can start referring new members into your team (for free) every day.

It’s simple, and extremely powerful.

To further show you this strategy in action, I recorded an over-the-shoulder view of my friend and fellow PIPS member “at work” referring people live using this method:

Video Thumbnail


In that video, you can see he gets signups within minutes. It’s not always that quick, but he gets a minimum of 2 full Plug-In Profit Site members who join his team every day

Some days, he refers 6-7 new PIPS members in ONE DAY.

At it’s core, it’s just basic networking… He uses Facebook
to find people who are already working on building a business online, and shows them how Plug-In Profit Site can help them reach their goals faster and easier. He even offers to help them in different ways like adding a banner to their site or show them ways to improve their marketing!

If he keeps doing this one thing, he’ll become a 7-figure earner online, guaranteed. He’s found his one move that works extraordinarily well. He’s learned how to target people who could benefit from the Plug-In Profit Site, and shares it with them all through Facebook, and all for FREE…

It’s his goose that lays the golden egg…

What about you?

Could this become your winning move too?

Can you model what he’s doing and adapt it to your style?

Can you apply this same strategy to other venues such as other social networking platforms, discussion forums, etc.??

What’s before you is pure gold waiting to be mined…

All you have to do is give away free sites through this link

I build your referral’s website for free.

I host your referral’s website for free.

I train and support your referral for free.

The strategy I’ve just shown you is free.

And it’s a proven method to develop a 6 or 7 figure income.

Or simply earn a few extra hundred or thousand per month.

The choice is yours.

The time is now.

The opportunity is real.

The people are waiting.

Start mining for online gold using Facebook chats today >>

Here’s a few additional tips about Lawrence’s strategy:

Once he’s chatting with people, he shows them his website and explains how it’s making him sales every day.

Then because is receiving my daily blogging service and getting awesome results from it, he sends this exact reply:

“this site is updated daily with the newest blogs to pull google traffic your visitors read the blogs and it gives them value and they are more likely to click on your banners and I make all my sales from this site”

He doesn’t even punctuate or capitalize correctly!

But showing how his site is doing all the work for him and making him sales daily, helps him get more people to join.

Implementing this additional tip into your Facebook chat marketing strategy can multiply your sales exponentially. šŸ™‚

The other elegant part of Lawrence’s sales process is that once his member’s websites are setup and he receives a notification email from me about his new member’s website, he reaches back out to that member on Facebook and offers his support and guidance. Then he points them to the most effective parts of this training for him so that his members can start duplicating quickly, and making $$$!

To be honest, Lawrence’s favorite parts of the training that he recommends are Day 2 (builds your list) Day 5 (blogs for you) & Day 10 (his secret sauce for making daily sales).

I can’t argue with him… You don’t need everything in this training to make a full-time income. Lawrence is fast on his way to earning 7 figures online from those 3 strategies alone… He also encourage his people to get the free co-op bonus for upgrading to Gold so they get free advertising, which helps his team duplicate and build a bigger downline.

Moral of the story… One great move is all it takes to make a fortune online. Lawrence found his. It’s time to find yours!

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 Quote of the Day:

“I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.”

– Thomas Jefferson

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