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Day 12 – Energize Your Blog Posts & Get More Traffic

Blogging regularly can be your ticket to financial freedom.

That’s why I offer to do it for you.

Because most people simply won’t do it themselves… or they don’t blog about anything that’s interesting and useful.

If you read the posts on my blog, you will see they are informative, interesting, and sometimes pretty entertaining!

That’s why I make so much money from blogging regularly, and why I invest all of the energy into it that I do each day.

The beauty of a well-written blog posts is that once you’ve made it, it can live on and bring you value for many years…

There are articles I’ve written or posts I’ve made online over 10 years ago that still bring new people to me today.

In fact, every single post you make on your website is in many ways like an entirely new website which can be listed and ranked in search engines, and bring you more visitors.

This process is energized and accelerated when you turn on SNAP as I showed you in Day 5 of this training. SNAP takes every new post you make and re-posts it to a variety of high-traffic social networking sites which creates more backlinks to your website, and attracts more visitors to you!

Even if the only thing you do is post quality and interesting content to your site and have a tool like SNAP broadcast your posts out to much bigger sites, and you remained consistent in doing this, you would turn your site into a piece of online real estate that attracts new visitors forever.

That said, you can always do more to energize your results.

Today, I’d like to mention a few of those things because if you are blogging, or using my daily blogging service and have SNAP setup to broadcast your posts, why not get the absolute most bang for your buck and turn EVERY new post that gets added to your site into a perpetual money maker!

The first is pretty obvious I think. If you’ve setup SNAP or used my service that does it for you, every new article is posting to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, and others.

Facebook and Twitter are really the most powerful sites of all that your site will be broadcasting to, and whenever you make a post, anyone that is your Friend or following you, will be updated every time you make a new blog post where they will see the title of your post, the feature image of your post, and a description of your post which links back to the exact page on your site where your post is published.

So the more friends and followers you have on these sites, the more people who will see your posts and visit your site.

Therefore, actively participate on these sites to naturally make new & more friend and follower connections regularly.

There are services like Devumi which can help do some of this for you, but I prefer the organic and natural approach:

1. Post great content
2. Write a professional bio
3. Use hashtags
4. Place a widget on your blog
5. Engage with others
6. Make sure your content is shareable
7. Reshare other people’s content
8. Reach out to influencers
9. Stay active
10. Follow other users

You can learn more in this article on the Time website:

Another thing you can do with every new post that is made to your site (which re-posts to Facebook), is select the “Boost Post” button below your post on Facebook where Facebook will give you the chance to get your posts seen by many more people.

Here’s Facebook’s description:

Boosting posts is an effective and inexpensive way to get more exposure for your content. It’s a simple and easy process – posts are boosted right from your Facebook Page – and you can boost a post for any amount you want.

It’s a great way to get more people to see your posts, promote special events, offers and news, and to reach new audiences through targeting.

See more details here:

As you can see, there is enormous potential to grow your audience and get more website visitors by boosting posts…

Still another thing you can do with ever new blog post on your site is to take the direct link of the blog post, and go find appropriate places to share it manually online such as in replies to YouTube videos, discussion forum posts, etc…

For example, I made a blog post on my site and for my daily auto-blogging customers called:

The Beginner’s Guide to Join Ventures

I could take that link and go find many related places to share it online by searching in Google or YouTube for topics related to the post which is “joint ventures”. If I just search online, I’ll find hundreds of forum discussions and YouTube videos about this subject.

Of course, be natural and appropriate with the aim of adding to the value of the discussion or content there. In this way, you will create real engagement and interest in what you’ve posted, and you’ll be positioning yourself as an expert, and someone who is adding real value to the world.

Not only will you get more visitors from this process, but this will give you natural backlinks from a variety of sources that will increase the search engine ranking of your articles, and your website as a whole because over time, you’ll have hundreds and even thousands of links pointing back to your site which are votes that tell Google your site is important…

How far you run with this strategy is up to you. You could spend an entire day finding new places to share your new blog post online and in the process create more and more links, and attract more and more visitors to your site FREE!

Will you create 5 new links to every new post this way every day? Will you create 20 new links? What about 100?..

The sky is the limit!

Finally, one simple and very powerful action to take every day is to email your list an update with your new blog post!

If you implemented Day 2 to start building your list, every day you are doing to have new subscribers you can send an email to. Yes, your autoresponder is going to send automatic follow ups for you, but don’t be passive and think you shouldn’t mail your list yourself. When you are creating quality content on your site every day, I recommend that you email your list with every new blog post that you make!

Just come up with something natural to say, and make it your daily mailing template with every new blog post you make, or that I make for you. It can be as simple as this…


I’ve posted a new article for you…

The Beginner’s Guide to Joint Ventures:

Let me know what you think!


Cody King

Of course, change the title and link to the one on your site.

If you are using my daily blogging service, you’ll have an awesome article you can share with your list every day, and as you do, you’ll attract more people back to your website!

Over time, people will begin to know, like and trust you because of the value you are bringing to their life, and because you are showing up as an expert who knows what they are talking about. They’ll begin to ask you questions, give you feedback, visit your links and join your team too…

So there you have it…

Don’t just stop with making a new blog post and letting SNAP re-post it to the social sites. Implement the additional steps above to energize your blog posts every day and you will grow your results and business EXPONENTIALLY faster!!

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Quote of the Day:

“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”

– Barry Finlay

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