Day 13 Plug-In-Profits Training

Day 13 – Add a Photo and Bio Box to All Your Blog Posts

It’s possible to generate a full-time income using only the strategies I’ve shown you in the first 10 days of this guide.

Some do it with solo ads, others do it with blogging daily.

You could focus on adding new and interesting content to your site regularly, (or having me do it for you), and re-posting that content to your social networks (or having SNAP do that for you) and then engaging with your social networks regularly to attract more friends, followers and partners, you can turn what you already know into a living.

That said, there’s always more you can do and try, and the more you do, the more you’ll learn, and the more you learn and apply, the more you’ll earn. So let’s move forward…

By the way, today’s training was already completed for you if you ordered one of my SNAP setup services from Day 5

That’s where I setup a Bio box that gets added to the end of each of your website’s blog posts which will look like this:

Of course, yours will have your picture if you provided one.

With your Bio box in place, your site’s readers will engage more deeply with your content, and take your site’s recommendations more seriously. People like to know they are connecting and reading from a real person, and having a professional Bio box added to your site accomplishes this!

If you didn’t use my service in Day 5, I’ll walk you through the steps below to setup a picture and Bio box on your site.

1. Setup a free Gravatar account and add your photo to it.

Your Gravatar is an image that follows you from site to site appearing beside your name when you do things like comment or post on a blog. Avatars help identify your posts on blogs and web forums.

So let’s get this done because a big part of your success online will be branding yourself and connecting with others.

Click here to create your free Gravatar account now >

Use this email address when you sign up over at Gravatar:

The reason to use that email address (the one you provided when I setup your website) is because it will automatically connect your Gravatar account to your own website.

Enter your email address and create a new username and password, and then click the sign up button.

As soon as you create and confirm your free account, login and you’ll see a message asking you to add your picture.

Click the “Add one by clicking here!” link.

You’ll see different options to add a picture to your account.

Choose the best option for you and add your picture now.

Once you’ve completed this step, you’ll see a new page showing that your Gravatar has been setup successfully.

For best results your Gravatar will be a picture of yourself.

Ok, great job.

One of the useful things that setting up your Gravatar will do is that it will automatically add your picture to the end of all of your own blog posts on your own website.

For example, one my own websites where I blog or add new content, you will see this at the bottom of all my posts:

This makes your website more human, and increases the interaction and trust that your site visitors have with you.

Very Important: To link your Gravatar account with your website, you will need to associate the same email address you use in Gravatar with the user account of your website.

You can do this in 1 of 2 ways:

1. Add this email address to your Gravatar account and verify it.

That’s the email address that is currently associated with your website, and it’s setup to forward all emails to you at.

So if you add the support@ email address to your Gravatar account and follow the instructions to confirm it, your website will get linked, and your picture will start appearing on your website’s blog posts automatically within 24 hours.

2. Alternatively, you can change the email address associated with your website to the same email address you used when you setup your Gravatar account. To do this, you need to login to your website by following these steps.

Once logged in to your website, click Users in the left-hand menu and then click on your name which you will see there.

Then scroll down to the Email field and change the email address there to the email address you used with Gravatar.


Click the Update Profile button.

Once you do that, you will see a message that says:

There is a pending change of your email to

From here, go look for a confirmation email in your inbox.

Next you’ll click the link in the email to confirm the change.

Once you have completed this, your website and Gravatar account will be linked, and your picture will start appearing on your website’s blog posts automatically within 24 hours.

Then you picture at the bottom of your website’s very first post here and every new post that’s made to your website.

That’s just the beginning… Your Gravatar is going to do a lot for you which is why it’s important to get it setup now…

Once that’s all done, let’s continue the journey of success.

By the way, if you need any help setting up Gravatar and adding a picture of yourself to your website, I can also do it for you if you are a Plug-In Profit Site Co-op member. Just submit your request here and I’ll get it setup for you today.

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Quote of the Day:

“Nothing in the world can take the place of perseverance. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost legendary. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Perseverance and determination alone are omnipotent.”

– Calvin Coolidge

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