Day 17 Plug-In-Profits Training

Day 17 – Leverage Social Sites to Grow Your Business

Social media sites provide a way for you to reach a continually growing stream of prospects for your business.

Participating in sites like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc. is a great way to make connections and grow your influence.

From a website marketing point of view, setting up different social media accounts, adding a link back to your website on each of these accounts and then using your accounts regularly by making updates to them is a proven way to attract more interested visitors to your website…

In fact, if you setup the SNAP software in Day 5, every time you make a new post on your website, your social networks will receive these updates automatically, and this will bring you a steady stream of new visitors to your site.

My recommendation is to join a few of the different social media sites out there, add your website to your profile on those sites and start using those sites regularly, to make new connections and friends. Or order my SNAP setup service in Day 5, and I can do all this for you today.

Then, whenever you add new content to your website, the people in your social networks will get notified and you’ll automatically start attracting more people to your business.

If it’s Twitter, tweet regularly and follow people you are interested in. Do this alone and you will get followers, and you will get more interested visitors to your website.

If it’s Facebook, make posts regularly to let people know what you’re doing, Like other people’s content that you truly like, make comments on other people’s wall, etc. If that’s all you do, you’ll make new connections and get people who are curious about what you do and your site.

If it’s YouTube, record new videos updating people about what you’re learning in the Internet and affiliate marketing niche, or teach somebody how to do something that you learned how to do in any area, or record some interesting event you did in your life and upload that video to YouTube.

If you simply do this, put your website in your YouTube profile and you give your YouTube videos interesting and accurate titles; your videos will start getting viewed and you’ll attract many more interested visitors to your website.

Plus, if you take the videos you record and upload to YouTube and post them to your website as new content along with an interesting text description, these pages of your website are likely to get listed in the search engines at some point which will bring you more visitors.

Just using those 3 social media sites on a regular basis is another 100% free way to increase your influence and get a lot more people visiting your website and affiliate links.

Once again, it doesn’t need to be difficult or complicated…

What it does need to be is consistent.

You have to do things regularly if you want good results.

You can’t brush your teeth once and expect no cavities…

You can’t exercise one time and expect to be this guy. 😉

You can’t eat low calorie once and expect to lose weight…

You have to do things regularly if you want good results.

If you want to become more influential and attract a steady flow of interested visitors to your site from social media, you need to participate and add new content to it regularly!

Tip: If you setup the SNAP software in Day 5, and turn on auto-blogging, new articles and links pointing back to your site will be created daily for you without lifting a finger which will attract more interested visitors to your website…

Social media is the future of the Internet and developing your presence and your skills there now is very important.

I highly encourage you to setup accounts with social media sites that you like and get involved in them. Or use my service and I’ll setup 10 unique social profiles for you, and connect them to your site so they’re updated automatically with a link back to your site every time a new post is made.

This is a free and very effective marketing strategy all by itself. If you post new interesting and/or helpful content to your site regularly, and share the unique pages you create on your site steadily with your social network on sites like Twitter and Facebook, you will attract a steady and non-stop stream of interested visitors and ultimately sales.

What you can do to supercharge this proven strategy:

Even though you can turn on auto-blogging and setup the SNAP software on your site to fully automate the content posting on your social networks, if you take a little time to make real and natural connections through your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., you can increase the number of people who will visit your website!

It’s not hard to do… If you just do some of the things I’ve mentioned above, you’ll get the hang of it very quickly and it will become fun. Just post some unique content to your website, then login to Facebook and share it. Do the same with Twitter (this happens automatically when using SNAP).

Whenever you’re ready to start having some real fun, record and upload a video of yourself to YouTube sharing something you’ve learned or a cool experience you are having, and then post that video on your website with some additional text to describe or summarize what the video is about… Then take that page of your website and share it on Facebook and Twitter. Do this regularly and soon you will not be able to turn off your visitors and sales.

I’m not explaining theories. I’m showing you exactly what I do to make connections online and make money with PIPS.

This process works to attract new prospects into my business in multiple ways. People find the video on YouTube and visit my website. People visit my website and visit the Plug-In Profit Site. People get my tweets on twitter and visit my site, the Plug-In Profit Site, etc. People re-tweet and share the post and spread it on to others. All of this creates a free viral traffic campaign that will bring visitors to my website for years into the future. A non-stop stream of leads that will be invited to join my team absolutely FREE!

I do this regularly and create more avenues for people to find me, and then I let the PIPS affiliate link do the rest…

That’s how I grow my business for free, with no hassle and continually expand my influence and reach on the Internet.

You can do this too – starting immediately.

Your assignment: Just do it.

Step 1:

Make a new and interesting post to your website (Day 6).

Need some inspiration for what to post about?

Read self-help books. Share what you learn…

Do interesting things in your life. Share the pics and videos.

Watch good movies. Review them on your website.

Love to cook? Share your recipes and tips from the kitchen.

Get the idea? There is no limit to what you can post about.

Step 2:

Share this new post on all your social networks (naturally).

Follow these steps to share your posts automatically!

Step 3:

Repeat this process over and over again as long as you live.

Step 4:

Leave your website and this strategy to your loved ones in your last will and testament because it will be an asset that is receiving a steady and never-ending stream of visitors.

And visitors lead to clicks which lead to signups which leads to income. Just follow this strategy and you can have it all.

Note: The success of a social marketing strategy like the one outlined above assumes that you are actually using social sites like Facebook and Twitter to connect with others on a regular basis. If you make friends regularly and attract followers on Twitter, the strategy outlined above is golden.

Advertising is one proven way to make sales regularly as I’ve shown you in this guide, but it’s entirely possible to build your business FREE. Just setup some social network accounts and connect them to your website with SNAP. Then post unique content to your site regularly. Use your social network sites to connect with others, and watch as your content gets posted automatically and you get visitors!

You don’t have to use SNAP… You can always post your content to your social media account manually. I just use SNAP to automate the process. There’s no excuse to prevent you from developing a website that receives new visitors and signups regularly if you take action. Add new content to your site regularly and share it on social media!

With the steps and resources referenced above, you can have a 100% automated social media marketing campaign that attracts interested visitors to your website every day, and helps you grow your online profits with surprising ease!

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Quote of the Day:

“Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.”

– John D. Rockefeller

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