Day 20 Plug-In-Profits Training

Day 20 – Use More Advertising Services to Make Sales

You’ve already learned many ways to get visitors, get subscribers and make sales using simple online marketing.

You can use the services and strategies I show you exactly as outlined, customize them to meet your own personal needs and goals, or use the idea and apply it to other services that you may already know about or discover.

Today’s training isn’t about the service I’m going to show you. It’s just about using services like this in a similar way.

A new service I’ve been using to get more signups is called:

… Buckets of Banners

This site works by advertising banner ads for you.

In my first test with Buckets of Banners, I received 2,201 visitors and multiple signups after 500,517 banner displays.

Here’s a screenshot of my stats from this ad campaign:

Here’s the exact steps I used to setup my first campaign:

First, login to Buckets of Banners here.

Next, go to “Manage Ads” > “Create New Ad“:

This will take you to a page to create your new ad.

In the Name field, enter:

Plug-In Profit Site

In the Link to Image field, enter:

In the Link to Site field, enter:

Once you’ve done this, the page will look like to this:

Now click the “Create Ad” button.


Your Buckets of Banners ad has been setup successfully. πŸ™‚

Next, you will see your banner ad setup like this.

Notice that you can also see stats for your ad…

These will start out at 0, but you can change this quickly.

First, you must assign credits to your ad.

There are multiple ways to get Buckets of Banners credits.

You can learn how by clicking on: “Get Impressions“.

Click on each option there to learn how they work.

If you want to go the free route, try “Surf For Impressions”.

The fastest way to get a lot of impressions is to buy them.

For this option, click on “Purchase Impressions”.

This will give you a wide range of purchasing options starting at 25,000 impressions all the way to 25,000,000…

I buy credits so I can just setup my ad, forget about it, and move on to applying another effective marketing strategy.

If you decide to purchase some credits, they will be added to your account instantly upon completion of your purchase.

You will now see your credits available on the home page of your Buckets of Banners account.

My most recent purchase was 2,500,000 credits for $199.

Click the “Assign Credits >>” button inside your account.

This will take you to the page to assign your credits to your banner ad inside your Buckets of Banners account.

Enter the # of credits you want to assign to your banner ad and then click on the “Assign” button…

Once you do this, your banner ad will be active and you will start receiving ad impressions more visitors very soon! πŸ™‚

Also, one tip that you can use with Buckets of Banners is to test different banners to see which one gets better results…

Here’s 5 more Plug-In Profit Site banners you can test:

Banner #1:

Banner #2:

Banner #3:

Banner #4:

Banner #5:

I like Buckets of Banners a lot because it’s easy to use, it’s 100% automatic, and it works.

It’s set-and-forget advertising that makes money for you.

You could also promote your PIPS squeeze page to build your list like I’ve shown you with some of the other services. I just show you what I do to pull in the sales. You are encouraged to customize and test your own ideas too…

I ran an advertising test promoting my PIPS affiliate link directly with Buckets of Banners and got several new sales in all the PIPS programs from it. I haven’t tested promoting a squeeze page yet which would certainly work for adding more subscribers to your email list. Have fun and try it out!

Again, this is just one more effective online advertising service that you can setup once and then let it work for you in the background while you do other things. I have many of these tools working for me at the same time which allows me to only “work” a few hours a day marketing my business online, but I’m still able to earn big income online.

That’s because I have interested visitors coming my way from many different sources 24 hours/day, 365 days/year…

You must initially take the time to learn how these services work, setup a consistent promotional strategy and be willing to invest some money in memberships and advertising to keep these campaigns running. But once you’ve done that, you’ll have an automated online business.

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Quote of the Day:

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

– Seneca

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