Day 24 Plug-In-Profits Training

Day 24 – Send Regular Updates, Announcements and Special Offers to Your Subscribers to Maximize Profits

Today is a day that you can give yourself an instant raise.

You can do this at any time by logging into your Aweber account, and sending out a quick email to your subscribers.

If you applied the steps that I showed you in Day 2 or Day 9 you will already have many subscribers on your email list…

These are your subscribers, and some of them are going to join you in the business opportunities you are working with.

Yes, they will receive automatic follow up letters from you.

But if you really want to make all the money you can, you’ll want to send regular updates & announcements to your list!

In fact, every time I send an announcement or promotion to my list, I make more money. The willingness to login and manually send announcements to your list can make the difference between earning $500 from your list each month, or $10,000+. I urge you to email your subscribes regularly!

This is why I showed you how to do this yourself in Day 7. If you do what I show you there, you’ll make more money!

Today I have 3 pre-written email announcements that you can send to your list over the next few days that are almost guaranteed to put more money into your bank this month…

All you have to do is to login to your Aweber account and send them out over the next 3 days to all your subscribers.

The amount of additional profits that you’ll earn will be based on several factors such as how many people you have on your email list right now, what level you are  participating at in the Traffic Authority reseller program.

And a bit of luck…

You see, sometimes a person sees one of the emails below, joins Traffic Authority, buys a traffic package and hundreds or even thousands of dollars in commissions are generated!

That’s what I mean by luck… You don’t know who the really serious people are going to be… Just get in the habit of sending out new announcements and special offers to your list regularly and you can make A LOT more money.

If you don’t do this, you’ll leave a lot of money on the table.

Now, once you’re ready to give yourself an instant raise, just copy the first email below and send it to your email list.

Important: Anywhere that you see LINK in the messages below, you’ll want to add in your Traffic Authority affiliate link. Also, you can find these same pre-written email messsage (and many more that you can use in your own TA account by navigating to the Resellers > Resource Center

Then copy the message below and send it to your list ASAP!

Just follow the steps in Day 7 to email your list in Aweber…

Traffic Authority Email #1 Subject Line:

The REAL reason 97% FAIL

Traffic Authority Email #1 Message Body:

Hey it’s Cody King

We’ve all heard the stats in home business.

97% of people who get started don’t last.

For whatever reason this stat has stuck around for YEARS in spite of new technology, prospecting ideas, training and all the resources you could throw at a new affiliate or rep in your company.


Because regardless of the new shiny presentation… the new secret ingredient in your energy drink… even how slick your weekly conference calls or hangouts are…

… you’re STILL not going to make any sales until YOU get a real human being to LOOK at the presentation, make a decision and buy!

Don’t worry — we’re going to solve this 3 step process for you today… PLUS show you a way to start profiting from something BRAND NEW.

Before we do that…

There’s an even bigger problem once you start getting eyeballs on your business.

You see, when you DO get your presentation in front of someone — they’re usually not the RIGHT person. It’s kinda like opening up a surf shop in the middle of a big city — great products I’m sure.. but nobody wants ‘em.

This is why you get more “NO’s” than “YES’s” in your prospecting.


If you need to get the RIGHT people and the RIGHT time to see your opportunity…

Then you’re going to LOVE this new platform because it does EXACTLY that.

You choose WHO you want to get your message out to…

And this smart system does the legwork for you.

>> Click Here To See How This System Works For You << <——– link

See you on the inside!

Cody King


If you hadn’t figured it out yet…

This means:

… More income.

… More confidence.

… Less stress.

… Zero Confusion.

… No rejection!

See, for average, everyday people like you and me, it’s no wonder 97% of people quit on their dreams.

Frustration, overwhelm, all the hoops you need to jump through just to make a measly commission on the internet would make anyone go insane.

This is why there are so many people EXCITED to jump in and get early-bird access to this right now:

>> Click Here To See How The Odds Are Now In YOUR Favor << <——– link

One day after you send the message above out to your list, send the next message below:

Traffic Authority Email #2 Subject Line:

The “Billion Dollar Zuckerberg Quiz”

Traffic Authority Email #2 Message Body:

Ever notice this?

Everyday as you’re scrolling through Facebook reading about the latest drama about your cousin’s new boyfriend (who’s a complete idiot)… in between cute cat pics and rants about the government…

You find yourself liking, commenting and checking out some other articles as you waste time in between appointments, or even in the bathroom (we all do it).

Without you knowing, Zuck has been following you around everywhere you go.

From the ad you click, to the time you were checking out a the score of last weeks’ baseball game, to the time you were searching for the putter Jason Speith uses (like that’s going to help your game)…

… everywhere you go, Zuck knows.

And that’s the Billion Dollar Zuckerberg Quiz… Quite simply, when you’re online, he’s got his minions finding out WHAT you like and WHERE you’re going so that he can SELL that data to advertisers in the form of interested and targeted eyeballs.

Same with Google — you type in what you want and Google shows you ads and results from businesses paying premium prices.

This is how Facebook and Google are able to charge premium prices to businesses to place their ads, in front of YOU — because they know what you’re interested in and where you spend your time… and MONEY… every time you’re online.

Powerful intel, right?

That’s how traffic works. Nothing complicated or “secret” about it.


What if YOU could make money like Zuck?

Imagine — every time a business owner wants to get eyeballs on their business — YOU get paid.

Imagine being a part of Facebook or Google or Bing when they launched?

Look, maybe you did miss the boat on Google and Facebook and some of the others.

But that doesn’t mean you have to be left “standing on the sidelines” forever.

Here’s the deal:

Traffic Authority is Your Complete Traffic Solution!

>> Learn More About Traffic Authority Here << <——– link

This is your opportunity to get in early on the internet’s next big dynasty!

See, Traffic Authority is primarily focused on selling retail traffic packages to online business owners and letting their automated system sell traffic tools, and traffic training, which will create repeat customers for you.

Then after they become a retail customer, if they decide they want to become a reseller, the person who referred them (YOU) will start earning from their efforts as well.

Truth is, we’re just scratching the surface here about how revolutionary this concept is and how much of an IMPACT it will make on your life (and bank account)…


>> Click here and get all the details about Traffic Authority right here, right now! << <——– link

See you on the inside!

Cody King


I haven’t even mentioned the money you can make…

So make sure you pay close attention for all the details!

>> Click here and get all the details about Traffic Authority right here, right now! << <——– link

One day after you send the message above out to your list, send the next message below:

Traffic Authority Email #3 Subject Line:

Are you in group 1 or 2?

Traffic Authority Email #3 Message Body:

This is probably the most important email I’ve written you, because in it, you’re gonna hear something I promise you’ve never heard before..

Read this closely.


If you’re reading this email it means 1 of 2 things:

1 – you’re one of the smart marketers who subscribe to my newsletter because you KNOW you’re going to get the latest intel on what’s working NOW to make a killing online

You take action.

You know you’re meant for BIG things in life and business.

You want it all and aren’t afraid to go get it.

You’re a bit of a risk taker, knowing that everything worthwhile lays just beyond your comfort zone.

You’ve tried many different opportunities and strategies and will NEVER QUIT until you hit that goal you’ve set for yourself.

Bottom line — you’re going to hit your goals, make the money you deserve and life the lifestyle you imagine for yourself.

But there’s also a second group and if you’re in this group…

2 – You’ve been on my list for some time but something’s in the way, some excuse is stopping you from living your best life and being the BEST you can be in life, your relationships, business and in general.

If this is you then you’re in for a treat today.

Because I’m finally going to share the ONE THING that matters when it comes to making BIG commissions, getting FREE and living your DREAMS.

What’s this ONE THING?

And more importantly — how can you USE this one thing to radically transform the balance in your bank account, gain control over your life and quickly and easily get on the INSIDE TRACK to getting all of this — and more?

Here it is:


Stick with me here 😉

See, everyone is pushing the latest and greatest “system” for making money.

And given – you NEED a system.

But it’s more important what the system DOES for you (and your customers).

So what if THIS system.

YOUR system…

Offers what all the other systems are GUARANTEED to need?

Listen closely:

Imagine if there were 20 car dealerships in your city…

Every day, new cars are bought and sold.

… and YOU owned the gas station?

… YOU knew where the BEST fuel was and how to get it.

And EVERYONE who bought a car NEEDED fuel?

How would you like to BE that gas station?

How would you like to OWN the gas station that provides fuel to ALL the cars driving around today… and all the cars that WILL be driving in the future?


“FUEL” on the internet is called TRAFFIC

TRAFFIC is simply real human visitors to the “system”

… are you with me?


When you have PREMIUM TRAFFIC (that nobody else can access)

.. A brand new person can finally make money because they have a simple system that sells something that every online business person needs..


Literally anyone can join this business and make a traffic sale on their first day if they follow the training.. that is what truly sets this apart from any other company and it’s what can get you paid, forever.


Alright, so now that I’ve told you a few of the things that set us apart, are you ready to take a closer look?

>> Click Here And Get All The Details About Traffic Authority Right Here, Right NOW! << <——– link

See you on the inside!

Cody King


For those of you who like to make money (which you must, or why would you be on my email list…)

This is THE launch you want to be a part of.

I can’t get into all the details here, so…

>> Click here and get all the details about Traffic Authority right here, right now! <— link

The simple steps outlined above could make you many thousands of extra dollars every year of you are sending them regularly to a list you built using some of the steps I showed you in Day 2, and Day 9 of this training guide…

My recommendation is to send these 3 emails once this month and do it again each month as your email list grows.

Or get creative and write your own emails and special offers to send to your list regularly. Fortune is in the follow up!

Remember, that’s exactly what I explained to you in Day 7.

Once you are building an email list, as described in earlier training days sending these messages out to your list is a proven way to earn more money from Traffic Authority, and the beauty of it is that Traffic Authority actually builds your list for you on autopilot if you set it up like I show you here.

Also, whether it’s GDI, Plug-In Profit Site, Traffic Authority or any other product or program that you are personally excited about, get in the habit of sharing useful information, hot tips, new business opportunities and special offers with your subscribers and you are likely to develop many more relationships, and earn more money!

That’s why building an email list as I showed you in Day 2 and Day 9 is so valuable. Once you have a real list of email subscribers who specifically requested more information from you, it’s impossible not to make money from it unless you just aren’t taking the time to send any announcements.

You’re doing great! This is what being a marketer is all about… I highly encourage you to come back and repeat today’s training every time you want to give yourself a raise. Just keep building your list and sending new offers…

It’s a circle of activity that you can scale to huge profits. 🙂

Once you’ve started building your list, there’s no limit other than your own imagination on ways you can benefit from it.

Create a new offer today, and send it to your subscribers right away! You could be just a few hours away from having hundreds, or even thousands of dollars in additional profits!

Tip: When promoting Traffic Authority by itself or though your Plug-In Profit Site affiliate link, there is a “incubation” period of each person you refer. Only some people buy a traffic package immediately. This can take days or weeks of a person getting to know the opportunity, learning about their site, working with the training, etc. I’ve had people on my team buy big traffic packages from Traffic Authority on my team months after they first signed up in the business…

Keep this in mind as you are referring new people to your team. My goal is to refer at least 2 new members each day and when that happens, you just understand that you’ll be referring serious members into your team, along with some tire kickers as well who will never do anything. Just focus on your marketing, and bringing new people into your team every day. Do this and your income will consistently grow, and you’ll hit some home runs along the way too which can include some big $1,000+ Traffic Authority commissions as well once your team starts buying their own traffic. And the good news is that it’s win-win for everyone. When your team buys traffic they can make sales and grow their team!

Build your list and send out these Traffic Authority promo emails regularly, and you’ll soon be able to count on the fact that when you go to sleep at night, you’ve been able to refer at least one or two new members into your team. Do this every day and you can refer 10+ people every month…

This is not unusual… It should become your focus and goal.

You could also do this with Plug-In Profit Site. If you give away 2 or more Plug-In Profit Site websites a day, like this member does, you’ll be on your way to the 6-7 figure club.

Consider also that when you start combining strategies I’ve shown you into a daily marketing game-plan, your results can steadily increase. As I’ve shown you, we have one member who refers an average of 2-3 new PIPS members EVERY DAY simply using this free Facebook marketing hack.

Combine doing that with making a daily blog post, sending a solo ad every day to build your list, sending out an email to your subscribers for Traffic Authority as I’ve shown you above, and you can see why some people refer multiple members to their Traffic Authority business daily… Yes, it’s common for top affiliates to refer over 50+ new members every month into their team, and this is an example of how.

You are equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to build your fortune online… Now it only requires your action.

Click Here to Start Day 25 Now!

Quote of the Day:

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

– Seneca

Click Here to Continue to Day 25 of the 30 Days to Success Training >

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It’s the most automatic way to grow your online business…

Learn more, and automate your blogging & business today!

P.s – You can also start making money instantly by joining and adding your own passive income downline to your blogs. I’d really love it if you’d all join in and do the same. This is a team effort and the more we get to follow and do the same just means the more we all will make, and much faster!!!!
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