Day 26 Plug-In-Profits Training

Day 26 – Tips, Tweaks and Tricks to Grow Your Profits

In business and life, small things can make big differences.

In this training day (which will expand over time), I’ll show you little tricks and tweaks you can do to grow your profits.

Make Your Site SSL Secured

To make your website SSL secure and remove any messages you see in your web browser that say something like “Not Secure”, you’ll want to add SSL. Although it’s not required, having SSL setup on your site can influence the trust factor that some of your visitors have in your site, and it can positively influence your search engine rankings too…

You can see some of the benefits of SSL Certificates here:

If you would also like me to acquire, setup and install a SSL Certificate for you so that your website is secure, this is one of the services that’s part of the co-op as described here >

If you do not want to join the Plug-In Profit Site Co-op to get your SSL setup, another option is using Cloudflare. You can see the steps to set this up on your own site here. More info about Cloudflare one-click SSL protection is here.

Another option for setting up SSL on your website is to get a hosting account at Host Gator. They’ll give you Free SSL.

If you want to take advantage this option, I can always build your website from scratch on your Host Gator hosting account and make sure the SSL is setup for you correctly. You can submit your request anytime to our help desk once you have ordered your own Host Gator account.

If you already have content you want to keep on your website and you want to use Host Gator hosting, their team can transfer your existing site to their hosting platform. You will need to work directly with Host Gator to use this option.

Add a “Money Bar” to Your Website

I’ve added a new “Money Bar” that I created to my website that you can see at the top of the page here.

It looks like this:

When people click it, they’re directed to Plug-In Profit Site.

Because it’s unique, and looks different from other ads, it gets clicks that some of the other promos on the site don’t.

So I make more sales with this on my website. 🙂

I set this up using a plugin called: WP Notification Bars

You can login to your website, install this plugin and create your own “Money Bar” on your website within a few minutes. If you want it done for you, it’s one of the co-op’s free services that is setup for you when you join the co-op.

Get a BIG Boost to Your GDI Business

In fact, if you want a fast and profitable start to your GDI business, I’ll give you my next 50 direct referrals as bonus along with a 3 year co-op membership shown here >

See details on this page for qualification requirements. You must be on my team in GDI to qualify because that’s the only way I can move my personal referrals to become your direct GDI referrals. You can contact me at the help desk or by text at 1-214-762-2329 to check if you are on my team if you want to take advantage of this opportunity.

I have a huge team in GDI so it is likely that you’re on my team even if you weren’t personally referred to GDI by me.

50 of your own direct personal referrals in GDI can potentially become a big monthly residual income itself as you will be getting paid commissions every month for the life of these 50 direct referrals in addition to all of the people referred into their business down 5 levels – for LIFE.

This isn’t spillover. This is 50 customers you refer yourself, along with all the growth from them and their entire team!

Get a Better Domain Name

Sometimes the domain name that you build your website on can make a big difference in your business in terms of the trust people have in what’s recommended, your potential for search engine ranking, and ease with which people can remember your domain – it’s brandability. Yes, you can make money with any domain, but a domain that truly relates to the business you are building and brands you as an expert in that niche just by the name alone can multiply your income exponentially without any extra effort.

This is one reason I do so well with

If you would ever like to change the domain name you are building your Plug-In Profit Site business on, let me know. I can always close your current site and build you a new one.

Also, if you want a domain name that’s tailor made for this opportunity and ready to build a 6 or 7 figure business on, you’ll find some below that I already use in different ways to make sales every day, but you can buy them if you want.

Each of the domain names that you’ll see listed below are currently owned by me and available for sale at the price listed. Also, each one includes a 3-year Plug-In Profit Site Co-op membership as a free bonus which is described here. – $10,500 – $15,000 – $25,000 – $35,000 – 50,000 – $75,000 – $125,000

If you would like to purchase any of these domain names, just let me know and I will setup an transaction for us and the domain can be yours within only a few days.

Then I’ll build it out for you as your own Plug-In Profit Site with all your IDs, and setup your 3 year co-op membership.

Or if you want your new domain name a little faster, you can simply wire the funds using the same-day bank wire instructions here, and on receipt I’ll get your new domain built for you and transferred to your ownership right away.

The domains above are category-defining, potentially 7-figure business domains by themselves. Remember, you don’t require such a high caliber domain to make money, but having the right domain for your business can make a huge difference. If you’re looking at your current website, and know that you need a better domain for it, feel free to register a new domain name here, and then submit a ticket to our help desk to let me know you’d like your site rebuilt.

Domains really are important. .ws and .info domains are fine and have their place online, but you are very unlikely to get good search engine ranking or build a 6 figure business with them. My site is a full-time business by itself because of it’s authority and established value in the marketplace. If you get anything from this tip, at least get yourself a good .com domain and build for the long-term because once you start making interesting blog posts on a .com domain, after about your first 180 days, you’ll be getting free visitors forever from the traffic and backlinks your top-level domain and content has established through it’s natural search engine rankings.

More tips, tweaks & tricks coming soon… Check back often!

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Quote of the Day:

“Never limit yourself because of others’ limited imagination; never limit others because of your own limited imagination.”

-Mae Jemison

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